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Collection: Journal of the Historical Society of West Prussian 1880 to 1941


Chronicles, Papers and presentations from the country- and cultural history of West Prussia

The family Wessel: History of a land-owning family since the sixteenth. to XX. Century


The first member of this clan, has been extensively documented, was the Elbinger Councilman Henry Wessel (The first mention dates back to 1363).

The history of the manor Leesen (Leźno) in Gdansk


Aus der altpommerschen Zeit, the Pomeranian dukes up under the 1308 took, is of the manors large-and small-Leesen Leesen nothing handed. For the first time the goods in the Gdansk area 14. Century as a Polish fief- and manors under the name Great-LEZIN, Small-and LEZIN Strellin mentioned.

The history of the manor Herrengrebin


Herrengrebin is the only estate in the district Danzig Basin area of ​​the free city. In the most 31.12.1834 completed matriculation of the appearance in the state of chivalry was also empowering products listed Herrengrebin. The Good (previously always Grebin) was first 1273 as “Grabino” mentioned, as the Duke of Pomerania Mestwin the village to Christian, the father of the mayor, John of Dirschau awards. Furthermore, from Pomeranian time Grebin not become more widely known. The chronicler of Danzig George Tiedemann writes 1586 In his description of the land, dass  [...]

The family of Kawerau 333 Years


The 1. Generation begins on the Lorenz Kawerau 23.5.1623 died. He came 1583 first from Scandinavia to Gdansk and Elblag then. The name may mean Kawerau “Broker”.