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Collection: Journal of the Historical Society of West Prussian 1880 to 1941

Chronicles, Papers and presentations from the country- und Kulturgeschichte WestpreußensLike this:Like Loading


The family Wessel: History of a land-owning family since the sixteenth. to XX. Century

The first member of this clan, has been extensively documented, was the Elbinger Councilman Henry Wessel (The first mention dates back to 1363). Like this:Like Loading


The history of the manor Leesen (Leźno) in Gdansk

From altpommerschen time, the Pomeranian dukes up under the 1308 took, is of the manors large-and small-Leesen Leesen nothing handed. For the first time the goods in the Gdansk area 14. Century as a Polish fief- and manors under the name Great-LEZIN, Klein-Lezin und Strellin erwähnt.Like this:Like Loading


The history of the manor Herrengrebin

Herrengrebin is the only estate in the district Danzig Basin area of ​​the free city. In the most 31.12.1834 completed matriculation of the appearance in the state of chivalry was also empowering products listed Herrengrebin. The Good (previously always Grebin) was first 1273 as “Grabino” mentioned, as the Duke of Pomerania Mestwin the village to Christian, den Schwiegervater […]


The family of Kawerau 333 Years

The 1. Generation begins on the Lorenz Kawerau 23.5.1623 died. He came 1583 first from Scandinavia to Gdansk and Elblag then. The name may mean Kawerau “Broker”.Like this:Like Loading


The Book of the Dead of the Premonstratensian monastery near Gdansk Zuckau

The manuscript in which the Book of the Dead is printed here will, dates from the end of the 16. and early 17. Century and has been kept in the parsonage of Zuckau. It contains 197 Blätter und das Papier zeigt auf den leeren Seiten als Wasserzeichen das Danziger Wappen.Like this:Like Loading


The history of the family Zernecke

The emblem has a custom of following, probably the councilor John Thorner Zerneke (1620-1703) before 1688 assumed. The picture and the colors of the arms are made of: In blue shield with a red heart tingiertem, the three-, five or six-petalled Rose is decked in green stems. Auf dem Helm befinden sich wieder die drei Rosen in denselben […]


History of the family-Hevelke Hewelcke and the astronomer Johannes Hevelius

The earliest news of the family dates back to Hevelke 1434. After the credentials of the city authorities Otter Village, Henry was a Havelke, the man in Danzig Hevelke van der Osten nannte, in Gdansk in 1433 or even died without heirs before. Because he had owned property in Gdansk, muss er auch Bürger und verheiratet […]


600 Mecklenburg colonists in Gdansk

The call of the Teutonic Knights to settle in distant, then still uneconomic East reverberated not ineffective. Thousands flocked to the families of the same.. While in the countryside, the old master and cultivators, the proud Polish landowners and the slavish servants still stayed quite a long time undisturbed in their ancestral seats and village communities, […]


The Gdansk Gender mockery Feldt

The sex of scorn Feldt came from Bremen. Here is the oldest ancestor of documentary evidence: 1351 Johannes Honvelt. He is followed in Bremen without detectability of family relationship to the year 1575: Hermannus Honvelt, 1367 Johannes Honvelt, 1386 Meiteke Honveldes, 1390 Lüdeke Honvelt, 1450 Albert Honvelde, 1566 Hinrick Honfeldt, 1575 Everdt Honfeldt. Unter den Letztgenannten muss sich der […]

Kegelgesellschaft von 1834

Eduard Meyer's home in the dynasty of artists to Gdansk

This name is to talk of a dynasty of artists. For not less than nine painters in three generations of this family include, had their home in Gdansk. A member of the family – It was the famous Paul Meyerheim – wrote in his childhood memories: A historical research-boyfriend wants to have discovered in the annals of Gdansk, that […]

Address for Gdansk and its suburbs

Address issues: Year 1897 Year 1898 Year 1899 Year 1900 Year 1902 Year 1903 Year 1904 Year 1905 Year 1907 Year 1909 Year 1910 Year 1911 Year 1912 Year 1914 Year 1915 Year 1916 Year 1917 Year 1918 Year 1919 Year 1920 Year 1921 Year 1922 Year 1923 Year 1924 Year 1925 Year 1926 Year 1927 […]


Danziger family history posts

Year 1929 Ten years Genealogical Society, Coat of arms- and Sigillography in Gdansk Gdansk source customer The church records of the Danzig area in the state archives, the town clerk to Gdansk 1650 Die Familie Groddeck Ahnentafel des Hans Albert HohnfeldtLike this:Like Loading


Sources and presentations on the history of West Prussia

History of Gdańsk arbitrariness – Simson, Paul (Download) Studies on West Prussian materials History. 3, History of Stutthof – Muhl, John Adolf (Download) The story Koshnavia : Their population in 1772 and end 1919 – Rink, Joseph (Download) Criminal law in the city of Danzig to the Carolina Association of Danzig with the Prussian monarchy (1532-1793) […]

Images from life and work of Danziger men and women in politics, Economy, Press, Art

Paul von Hindenburg came from an old East Prussian nobility paternal, the family of Hindenburg. He was 1847 son of the Prussian officer and landowner Robert Hans Ludwig von Hindenburg and Beneckendorff (1816–1902) and his wife Louise bourgeois Schwickart (1825–1893) born. Be eleven years younger brother, Bernhard von Hindenburg wrote 1915 The first biography of Field Marshal. […]

Danziger Wappenwerk

The origin of the emblem is in the 12. Century back. In battle and tournament, occurred when the knight in armor and an iron with a closed visor, A need for a distinctive sign nnotwendig. First of a personal nature, soon as the badge of a certain family. The helmet was a characteristic design. Schild und Helm wurden so im Laufe […]

Family history of Dirksen

The present, on behalf of the imperial ambassador in Berlin, Willy von Dirksen authored two-volume history covers the 300 years of family history of coming from the Netherlands, originally Mennonite family, the grounds of religious persecution left his old home and in the years from 1887 The Prussian nobility v. Dirksen showed. The members of the family lived in Holland, so, in Hamburg, Danzig, and in Königsberg.