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Eduard Meyer's home in the dynasty of artists to Gdansk

Kegelgesellschaft von 1834

This name is to talk of a dynasty of artists. For not less than nine painters in three generations of this family include, had their home in Gdansk. A member of the family – It was the famous Paul Meyerheim – wrote in his childhood memories: A historical research-boyfriend wants to have discovered in the annals of Gdansk, that was the ancestor of a Swedish under Gustav Adolf paymaster, Mejerjelm who called and have lived on the site is, on the stand, the grandfather house in Gdansk[...]

Address for Gdansk and its suburbs


Address issues: Year 1897 Year 1898 Year 1899 Year 1900 Year 1902 Year 1903 Year 1904 Year 1905 Year 1907 Year 1909 Year 1910 Year 1911 Year 1912 Year 1914 Year 1915 Year 1916 Year 1917 Year 1918 Year 1919 Year 1920 Year 1921 Year 1922 Year 1923 Year 1924 Year 1925 Year 1926 Year 1927 Year 1928 Year 1929 Year 1930 Year 1931 Year 1932 Year 1933 Year 1934 Year 1935 Year 1936/37 Year 1937/38 Year 1939 Freeman of the City: Chancellor Count Georg Leo von[...]

Danziger family history posts


Year 1929 Ten years Genealogical Society, Coat of arms- and Sigillography in Gdansk Gdansk source customer The church records of the Danzig area in the state archives, the town clerk to Gdansk 1650 The pedigree of the family Groddeck Hans Albert Hohn Feldt

Sources and presentations on the history of West Prussia


History of Gdańsk arbitrariness – Simson, Paul (Download) Studies on West Prussian materials History. 3, History of Stutthof – Muhl, John Adolf (Download) The story Koshnavia : Their population in 1772 and end 1919 – Rink, Joseph (Download) Criminal law in the city of Danzig to the Carolina Association of Danzig with the Prussian monarchy (1532-1793) – Meye, Albrecht (Download) The Basic Book of the City Dirschau – Elizabeth Kloss (Download) Walther, Rolf: Die Danziger Bürgerschaft im 18. Century background and employment, Danzig 1938 Löschin, Gotthilf: Mayor,  [...]

Images from life and work of Danziger men and women in politics, Economy, Press, Art

Paul von Hindenburg came from an old East Prussian nobility paternal, the family of Hindenburg. He was 1847 son of the Prussian officer and landowner Robert Hans Ludwig von Hindenburg and Beneckendorff (1816–1902) and his wife Louise bourgeois Schwickart (1825–1893) born. Be eleven years younger brother, Bernhard von Hindenburg wrote 1915 The first biography of Field Marshal. August von Mackensen was the son of the steward Louis Mackensen (1817–1890) and Marie Rink (1824–1916) Born in the then Prussian province of Saxony. Without ever having visited the Military Academy, was[...]