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Nathanael Caroli: Comments about Spangenberg hen Bergische genealogies

Nathanael wurde um Caroli 1550 born son of a clergyman, and after completing his studies 1572 Diaconus und 1574 Archdeacon in his native city, later pastor 1576 to Schwarza, 1581 and to Behlrieth 1593 to Sülzfeld at Henneberg. Here he died in May 1607. Caroli is in the range of those, by thorough, on writing- and have worked monumental records based research on the structure of hen Bergische history meritorious. Above all, sharpened his historical view of the favorable circumstance, that during his pastorate at the time there Schwarza located[...]

The chronicle of the city of Cologne, with numerous illustrations

A work of Nicolaus stool, Dusseldorf 1857 (Digital copy of the University and State Library Dusseldorf)

The last Count of Hohenstein

The last Count of Hohenstein, Ernst VII. was on 24. February 1562 Born at the chateau in Klettenberg. Already 1567 his mother died, Margaret, Born Countess of Barby. She died at the castle Lohra and was buried in the town church to Bleicherode. 1580 Ernst came to government. 1590 his first wife died Juliane von Barby. At the 18. June 1592 he married a second time to Agnes, Daughter of the Count of Eberstein, Lord Neugarden. At the 8. July 1593 Ernst died VII. in Walkenried. His[...]

New book ideas about genealogy and history

Beginnen möchte ich mit zwei Büchern die herausgegegen werden vom Verlag Steffen Iffland in Nordhausen-Salza. Aljährlich a historical calendar laid with old views of the surrounding area. This year, the calendar is a little different wound, denn er zeigt neben den alten, zum Vergleich auch neue Ansichten aus der Region. Die Ansichtskarten stammen aus der Sammlung von Horst Weber & Harald Ehrhardt. Bestellseite: Steffen Iffland ist darüber hinaus ein anerkannter Heimatforscher und Genealoge in der Harzregion. Das zweite Buch trägt den Titel: “Hohnstein – Zur Geschichte der Burgruineund es  [...]

The family of Zieten

Common ancestors in the form of a first presentation of the strong publishing, I've found on the website of Dirk Peters. The book contains interesting for me, Hans Joachim von Ziethen. The work is quite extensive, plenty of biographies, a register of all family names and the list of goods. The purchase is worth all the time. Strong publishing, 2007, ISBN: 978-3-7980-0219-7