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Ancestor lists and stories of bourgeois families in alphabetical order


In this section I want to point to printed family histories and genealogical lists from the net to download, sorted by alphabet. Perhaps looking for one or the other just to name these resources to further information or advice. Die Liste wird nicht mehr regelmäßig aktualisiert, mein Bestand an Büchern aber wächst rasant weiter! Fragt einfach nach!

Genealogical Handbook of bourgeois families – German sex books


The German sex book came from 1889 to 1943 Genealogical handbook entitled middle class families and put it in this time 119 Volumes, Bernhard Koerner of the genealogist in the C. A. Strong publishing by the year 1943 published in Goerlitz. More than 4.000 Families are treated. After an interruption of 12 Years, the series from 1956 with the tape 120 under the name "German sex book," continued. In 2007 band appeared 219. The sold out 119 Volumes of genealogical handbook since mid-December[...]