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George Rhete one of the first printing of the 16. Century in Szczecin


A few years after the invention of printing had already found a native plant science, than at the 17. October 1456 the University of Greifswald was founded.

The German printers of the fifteenth century

One of the products described in this book printer Moritz Brandis. His first full printing, dated “Breviary Brandenburg Ensenada” appeared on 15. Novewmber of the Year 1488. His last Leipzig pressure was Sachsenspiegel, he on 10. July 1490 at the expense of the Magdeburg bookseller Hans Loer and Professor Christoph Küppner completed. From these and other creditors harassed, Moritz Brandis fled to Magdeburg, from where he 1491-1504 was quite successful in. In the judicial distribution of confiscated Sachsenspiegel got a brother of the debtor 30 Copies, Loer and Küppner[...]

Dynasty of the art of printing in Leipzig, and Görlitz

Clerics were already in the earliest times owners the art of writing. It was not until the invention of paper, rags to 1300 was also the art of writing a general, so now taught people the art of writing and other-worldly in the schools were. This book writers retain both the old material, the parchment and the old script (known as a monk writing) far from, while in correspondence and in administrations since the mid- 14. Century was largely written on paper. Just what should last forever (Documents, Testamentsbücher, Statutes) was still on[...]