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Deed books of the City of Brunswick


I have just band 7 and 8 the deed books discovered! The data were provided courtesy of the city archives available Braunschweig. The deed book of the City of Brunswick was a scientific long-term project. The idea for an edition of the medieval sources of the City of Brunswick is on the 1000 anniversary of Braunschweig 1861 back. Until the completion of the first volume, published in installments (1873), of the most important legal evidence from the period up 1671 contains, however, should not take more than ten years. At irregular intervals, then the volumes were published 2[...]

Court- and the State handbook of the Duchy of Brunswick


The official address of the Duchy of Brunswick with a hierarchical structure of public authorities, Functionaries, Officials and state employees. With a representation of the yard- and political system, including all court officials with genealogical notes and names. It also contains statements about tax and business structure, the topography, and some important events in the annals of political life. The State Calendars are a great secondary source of many questions of national history and management history.

Neindorf and the family of Löhneysen, as well as some old news about the Fährmühle

Wolfenbüttel is located south of the village Neindorf. At the earliest times it was called Nienthorpe, later Neyentorpe, Neuendorff, Newendorff, etc.. The time of its formation is probably very far back, at least in the pre-Christian era. The first historical information is from the year 826. At this time gives a count Thuring his goods to the monastery “Corvey”. In 1281 gives Duke Henry the monastery Marienburg on the Advokatie Niendorpe and other localities, who had previously owned a fief of the Counts of Blankenburg and Messrs. von Alvensleben.

Chronicle of the city and the principality of Blankenburg, the County of Regenstein and monasteries, and Michael Stone Walkenried

From the contents: The original inhabitants of this region, The Hermann Battle, Traces of Doringer, Counts of Regenstein, Description Harzgau, Duke Henry of Saxony, Count Hans von Blankenburg, Death of the Emperor Henry III., the cabins- and mining in Harzgau, genealogical table of the counts of Blankenburg. History of the Count of Regenstein and Albert Dietrich of Wernigerode, the century of raids, Genealogy of the Earls of Reinstein, and the peasant wars in the resin.

Historical books about the history of Lower Saxony

Under the name “Brunsvigensien Braunschweig University Library” The digital library offers an extensive collection of Braunschweig, of which I have selected the following examples: Certificate Book of the City of Brunswick band 1, on behalf of the municipal authorities ed. by Ludwig Hänselmann. With three panels writing samples and Seal. Chronicle hard to remember the millennium jubilee of the city of Brunswick by Theodor Gassmann – Second impression historical significance of the city of Brunswick: Festschrift for the jubilee of its millennial existence of W. Assmann description of the roads, some public buildings and churches in the city[...]