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The family history of coming from Lower Bacmeister


The Bacmeister occur first in the Ancient imperial city of Goslar in a deed dated 2. July 1284 on, leased in which the cathedral chapter of Goslar to the Dietert Bacmester Johan and Johan Heidenreich along with the families at the lower mill Gose. One might conclude from, that Johan has been a miller Bacmester, which is unlikely at a later examination of the Verhätlnisse is. The Bacmeister had been established in Goslar in the country and citizens money back and to one of the most distinguished and influential guilds, namely, the coin belonged. Whose chief[...]

Victims of Nazi persecution at the Technical University of Braunschweig 1930 to 1945

In the years 1930 to 1945 wurden mehr als fünfzig Hochschulangehörige teils aus rassistischen, doch hauptsächlich aus politischen Gründen an der Technischen Hochschule Braunschweig verfolgt. At the 24. June 2010 gedenkt die TU in feierlichem Rahmen dieser Opfer. Präsentiert wird außerdem die von Michael Wettern und Daniel Weßelhöft erarbeitete Studie “Victims of Nazi persecution at the Technical University of Braunschweig 1930 to 1945

United Foundation of families Schrader, Kalm and Vechelde


The Foundation established the testator Schrader has a long history. It all began with Mayor Henry Schrader. Its most 3.11.1584 opened Testament caused a long legal dispute, as it turned out, his seven children that he, or. their heirs had not considered equally. He preferred to Dr. Author Schrader and Schrader, the children of Henry Chamberlain and ordered it to his principal heir: “It is my will, that he was satisfied with it and it should be content, I like him at the[...]

Historical books about the history of Lower Saxony

Under the name “Brunsvigensien Braunschweig University Library” The digital library offers an extensive collection of Braunschweig, of which I have selected the following examples: Certificate Book of the City of Brunswick band 1, on behalf of the municipal authorities ed. by Ludwig Hänselmann. Mit drei Tafeln Schriftproben und Siegel. Chronicle hard to remember the millennium jubilee of the city of Brunswick by Theodor Gassmann – Second impression historical significance of the city of Brunswick: Festschrift for the jubilee of its millennial existence of W. Assmann description of the roads, einiger öffentlichen Gebäude und der Kirchen der Stadt  [...]

Book of the patrician family groping in Hildesheim

This work begins with the patrician Zacharias Tappen, to which 1500 Hildesheim lived and was married to Salome by dam. Salome came from the patrician family of that name in Brunswick. His son was Rötger Council- Mr. and trade in Hildesheim, and he owned a factory in Antwerp. He died in February 1564. Even his son followed in the footsteps of his father as a Council- Commerce and Mr.. Frederick was born 1543. He married 1. Margarethe Kniphoff, Daughter of the mayor, Hans and Margaret Brandis Kniphoff. In[...]