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The Online Church book of metallics 1578 to 1769

The village was first Gröben 1352 mentioned in the charter of Louis the Roman. It is located southwest of Berlin amid the Nuthe Nieplitz lowlands. Gröben once belonged to the wealthy in Teltow extended family of metallics. In 1416 were in their place came from the Schlabrendorfs, the same name from the village came in Lausitz near Luckau. With the incoming recordings of Pastor John Thile 1. We know more than before from the life of the two sister villages and metallics Siethen, idyllically situated on two lakes.[...]

BrandenburgDok regionaler Publikations- und Archivserver

Sammelschwerpunkt sind regionales Kleinschrifttum (Fixed- und Vereinsschriften, Publikationen der Ämter und Behörden des Landes Brandenburg) Zu erreichen unter nachfolgender URL

Historical Maps 1830-1837

As the owner of Rambow Salveymühle

Of 1591 to 1613 Mr. Mill on this is Parmann. The mill must have suffered during the Thirty Years War very, because the purchase price was only 25 Speeches. At 1675 marching through the Brandenburg here, they steal the whole of the iron mill. 1685 accuses the captain of Eickstedt against its neighbors, the miller, because of the accumulation of water spoil his fields. In 1691 leaves of Eickstedt of his men to dig trenches, the water from the mill pond derived. The millers of all four mills arm themselves and march against Eickstedt and throw back to the trenches.