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Chronicle of the family of Roggenbach

The first and second section of the work, a description of the place names Roggenbach and castle of the same village near Bonn. Followed with historical information about the rule Roggendorf, the coat of arms, the ranking position of the family, ministeriales. The last section deals with historical news and the family of Filitationen Roggenbach.

Southern Baden and Rhenish church records online

Birth, Marriage- and death registers from 35 Parishes in southern Baden for the period 1810-1870 from the collection L 10 State Archives of Freiburg are visible in digitized form. The first result of cooperation between FamilySearch and the State Archive of Baden-Wuerttemberg are the digitized registry books of the State Archives in Freiburg, the online service of the State Archives Administration of Baden-Wuerttemberg has been set. It is about 870.000 Images with more than 2,4 Millions of genealogical records for towns in the administrative district of Freiburg. They are found at http://be viewed How fast is the name of access to[...]