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Wenceslai Hagecii of Libotschan Bohemian Chronicle: From the origin of their Count Bohemia, Dukes and kings


Wenceslai Hagecii von Libotschan, Bohemian Chronicle, the origin of Bohemia, of their kings and Hertzogen, Earls and nobility Ankunfft, of knightly tournaments and exercises, of inwardly- and foreign wars, fortifications of the country and the cities :

The descent of the house for Lobkowitz Hassenstein


The history of the castle Hassenstein: The documentary traces the parties do not reach further than the 7. April 1295 back. Nevertheless, it is probably, that their establishment in the days of Charlemagne has been.

The line of the ancient and noble gefürstete Kinsky


The name China or Wehyna, in two equivalent forms, same age and same right, is one of the oldest personal names and Christian names in documents instead of coming to 14. Century in different sexes, and mean “Wehyna´s Burg”. This castle has crumbled long, but it is a village of that name built with landtäfliches associated with the rule Lobosie been well. As gender Wehynie in 15. and 16. Century was divided into several lines, it means the name Wehynie, Wehynsky or Kinsky, the first[...]