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The Life of Field Marshal Count Yorck von Wartenberg

The tradition of family called England as the home of York's. There, the sex flourish in the Earl of Hardwicke, though nothing but the coat of arms bears witness to the old relationship. (Blue St. Andrew's cross in silver shields) As Catholics and loyal supporters of the Stuarts, they had emigrated in the first of which fall under Charles XII of Sweden and gene. […]

Images from life and work of Danziger men and women in politics, Economy, Press, Art

Paul von Hindenburg came from an old East Prussian nobility paternal, the family of Hindenburg. He was 1847 son of the Prussian officer and landowner Robert Hans Ludwig von Hindenburg and Beneckendorff (1816–1902) and his wife Louise bourgeois Schwickart (1825–1893) born. Be eleven years younger brother, Bernhard von Hindenburg wrote 1915 The first biography of Field Marshal. […]

Professor catalogs from six universities (catalogus professorum)

Professors and lecturers at the Technical University of Aachen (RWTH) of 1870 to 1995 in alphabetical order. Edited by Dr. Klaus Graf (Document files) Joan and Marcel Zigan Oeben, with references (Archival) to the local people in all finding aids University Archives of the. 146 Biographies of namesakes, Rectors, Ehrensenatoren und Nobelpreisträgern der RWTH Aachen von der Gründung des […]

Great German from Pomerania

As part of this special exhibition here Pomeranian personalities from all fields of art, Scientists and mathematicians, Political personalities, Legal scholars, Language- and literary scholars honored. A special highlight are the portraits in the back of the book. She owns a name like: of Schimmelmann, Rubenow, Adelung, Groening, Bill Roth, Virchow, von Dewitz, by Winterfeld, von der Marwitz, of Borcke, […]

The commercial building by August Rambow

August was Rambow 1856 in Peckatel (Plate) born and went to finishing school as a clerk to the clerk Runge, who had a shop in Schwerin at Great Moor. His desire to make his own business he set 1879 with the purchase of the property and loading of Henry Ruckick to. Rambow planted here 1880 die Eröffnung einer […]

Historical sources from Westphalia

Not “Westphalia” by birth, but people of all origins, the traces left in the Westphalian space or interacted in a special way to Westphalia, are at the forefront of the region “People”. Sometimes contain not only life- and official data, but z.T. also biographies and bibliographic notes, about to speak “hidden”, bibliographic non-specified short biographies in compilations. Neben […]

Freiburg Document Server (FreiDok)

The Freiburg Document Server is a small tip, I now want to introduce a little closer. The “Freiburg Document Server” together with additional full text servers of other universities have a “Virtual Research Library” He was in the context of ” Perspectives for the Young Generation” set up the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg and maintained by the Freiburg University Library. Die elektronischen Dokumente werden wie konventionelle Literatur erschlossen […]

50.000 Obituaries from the imperial and royal monarchy on the Internet soon

Press release: Historian, Genealogists and historians interested in, had to find original documents such as the above-cited Hoftraueranzeige, date directly into the Austrian State Archives in Vienna are. But now the institution is one of the largest digitization campaign launches in the history of obituaries or death notices. Together with the Vienna Internet 11media be forged at the 50.000 Obituaries from the monarchy, the […]

Biographical Encyclopedia of the Austrian Empire

In enormous hard work here 60 Volumes of Biographical Lexicon digitized and made available. Posted by Dr. Constantin Wurzbach and appeared in the period 1856-1891. They contain the life sketches of memorable, noteworthy personalities, since the 1750 either born in the Austrian crown lands or have lived and worked. In the individual volumes are many genealogical tables contain, jeder […]


Various biographical works

General Writer- and scholar-Lexiconder provinces of Livonia, Esthonia and Courland, Johann Friedrich v. Distance and Charles Edward Napiersky, Mitau 1827 (A – F) General Writer- and scholar-Lexicon of the provinces of Livonia, Esthonia and Courland, Johann Friedrich v. Distance and Charles Edward Napiersky, Mitau 1829 (G – K ) General Writer- and scholar-Lexicon of the provinces of Livonia, […]

Colloid scientist Raphael Liesegang

Raphael Eduard Liesegang was the son of the later factory owner Paul Eduard Liesegang (1838 – 1896) born. The father had studied in Jena Physics, where he Ernst Abbe (1840 – 1905) met. So he came in close contact with the look and with the construction of projectors began.

After graduation, he went into the of his father Wilhelm Eduard Liesegang 1854 photograpische founded an art studio. The grandfather of Raphael Liesegang enlarged his studio and also unveiled her cameras and delivered to the albumin-made paper. After the death of his grandfather, the business was 1871 enlarged and moved to Dusseldorf. Thus Raphael came with two years with his four siblings to Dusseldorf and was here 1876 enrolled in school.