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Works of the historian and genealogist, Johann Georg Leuckfeld


His birthplace is in the golden herring Aue in Thuringia, where he died on 4. July 1668 was born. His parents were wealthy compatriots, did, however, so little attention to his lessons, At fifteen he was scarcely able to read. (The family has been Leuckfeld 1594 detected in herring. Herring was 1439-1815 Stolberg, a joint office in Electoral Saxony Schwarzburg Oberlehnsherrschaft) After his father died, He received his entreaties for permission, to devote himself to the study. Now he learned in a very short time the[...]

Reformer of Hieronymus Weller Molsdorf


Jerome Weller of Molsdorf, Lutheran theologian, came from a patrician family, which was originally established in Voigtland, 1430 was, however, immigrated to Freiburg. His father, John Weller was mayor of the city of Freiburg, died, however, 1509. For the most 5. April 1499 born son meant to the early death of his father, that he was brought to his uncle in Naumburg, where he attended the Cathedral School. At the 9. October 1517 Weller is enrolled as a "de Iheronimus Foller Freiberg" at the Leucorea in Wittenberg. He attended a humanistic study,  [...]

Prince Hermann von Pückler Muskau – A Biography

Hermann's father, John Charles Louis, Count Erdmann was on Pückler Branitz, real secret council, Born on 12.7.1754; his mother, Clementine, Gwendolyn Louise Charlotte Olympia came from the equally ancient noble family Callenberg; Born on 5.6.1770 she married – 14 Years old – at the 27.12.1784 and the professional Muskau brought in Upper Lusatia with their marriage. Hermann's grandmother was a Frenchwoman, Olympia Gräfin von la Tour du Pin. His two Größväter reached an unusually high age, the father's side was 89, der[...]

Life and work of Ulrich Hegner

His father was Johann Heinrich Hegner, Dr. of. and Stadtphysicus, Born in 1715 and since 13. February 1741 married to Elsbetha Hegner. Both had been 18 Years living in a peaceful marriage, little more than the only son of Ulrich hopes on 7. February 1579 was born. After visiting the city of Winterthur school studied by Hegner 1776 to 1781 medicine in Strasbourg and received his doctorate there, but subsequently privatized in Winterthur, focused on literature and art and worked as a writer. 1786 he took over the[...]

Design of an illustrated biography on the life of jazz musician Thelonious Monk

Thelonious Sphere Monk - this was more than the man with the hat as a trademark. Monk fans of all countries are celebrating the 50. Anniversary of his breakthrough: The appearance in the New York Town Hall in February 1959. This fact could actually see as a sign. A coincidence or fate, that was just written in the year of a thesis by Tobias backs and Thelonious Monk? Diese Frage lässt sich wahrscheinlich genauso wenig klären wie all die Mythen und Theorien die um den Jazzmusiker Monk existieren und seine  [...]