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Life and work of Ulrich Hegner

9. March 2010

His father was Johann Heinrich Hegner, Dr. of. and Stadtphysicus, Born in 1715 and since 13. February 1741 married to Elsbetha Hegner. Both had been [...]

Individual biographies from Austria

20. November 2009

On the website of the “austrian literature online” werden überwiegend digitale Bücher mit Bezug zu Österreich angeboten und stehen frei und auch als ePrint zur [...]

Willi Behrens from Techentin

24. July 2009

My grandfather Willi Behrens * 20.8.1905, I have a large, very strong and (to my mind) incredibly charismatic man in memory. He was diligent undisputed, wise, courageous and strictly. From 27.12.1939 put him Otto Wenzel, Holder of a timber business in Halle and specializes in railroad-sleepers as administrator on his estate Berkau a. (The complete accounting of all receipts and letters from this period has been preserved) His wife Ursula, was the godmother of the youngest daughter Gerda. Otto Wenzel sent him on 20.2.1941 Loccum not (Circle Nienburg) and there execute a larger order. It was about the work-up of pine Langholz. [...]
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