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Hotel Sauvage and Eugene Liesegang

Born 9. August 1875 in Dusseldorf, where his parents owned a world-famous factory for optical apparatus, The boy and his siblings grew up in a happy youth. His great-grandfather was Johann Christian Andreas Liesegang from Berlin, see whose craft letter. One of his brothers was the famous scientist Raphael Liesegang. The school outgrew, he left the family home for further training, initially in Bonn, between himself sojourning in England. In 1896 the deceased came to Bern, obzuliegen one year studies. There closed friendships lasted a lifetime. A sign of rare loyalty and devotion. Hiking through the Swiss country led him 1897 Also in the Oberhasli, The exceptionally well-liked him and then the decision matured, here to take permanent residence. In the same year, as a 22-year-old young man Initiatives, was to the young Walter Günther by brothers Boss in Grindelwald Fri. 475000.- The hotel was purchased Sauvagebesitzung.

Pastor Liesegang in Leimbach

Leimbach, an ancient kingdom village is one of the oldest settlements of our country. In the devastated village Grumbach is an ancient Dingstätte have been. As Reich village had a year to the imperial currency in Nordhausen 1 1/2 To deliver shock oats. 950 in Leimbach Wendish families should be settled. Of 1394-1700 Leimbach belonged to the Official herring and then came through border adjustments to Hannover (Stolberg) 1758 had the place to the French 1111 Taler pay. Leimbach had share in the wind wood houses. Those: Home book of the county of Hohenstein[...]

Leisegang philosopher Hans and his family


Hans Leisegang, 1890 born in Blankenburg, was a student of Husserl and Dilthey. Emerged first with religious and philosophical works and studies to Hellenistic thought – His book on Gnosticism is still considered a standard work, He turned in the 20s to the analysis of forms of thought, on which he based his books on Luther, Goethe, Lessing, Dante u. a. submitted. 1930 He was succeeded by Max Wundt in Jena. A snide remark about Hitler in the transmission of funeral of Hindenburg on the Jena market led 1934 to a sentence of six months in prison. Deprived of his office, He studied physics and then worked in industry. Only at 1.12.1945 He was reinstated in his Professorensamt.

Philosopher Dieter Leisegang

In the early morning hours of 21.3.1973 shot himself in Offenbach, the philosopher Dieter Leisegang. In the hours before, he had written letters. One was addressed to the Criminal, in which he his free decision to commit suicide and that he told the weapon, had no knowledge of their existence have, had during his stay in South Africa specially purchased for this purpose.

Genealogy of the family Osiander

The desire of the last line was absolutely true, But the family is the largest Protestant theologian Osiander Germany Gender in history. Basis for this work was the writings of the Konigsberg professor theology. and reformer Andreas Osiander, I wrote an illustration of this multi-year work on the development and spread of the family Osiander.