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Genealogical Handbook of Baltic and armorial knighthoods


The states of Estonia and Latvia after 1. World War II from the historic landscapes of Livonia, Estonia, Kurland and Osel emerged, whose history has been determined for centuries by the knights of the resident German nobility. The respective sovereign guaranteed the privileges and so was able to knighthood by the end of 19. Century, the dominant and large landowning class of the country. All the expenses were kindly provided by the BSB Munich are available and may be downloaded for personal use. On the side of the university library Tartu moreover it is also possible[...]

Livonian- Is- Courland and deed books

Life, Esth and Curlandisches Urkundenbuch together Regesten. 1 Band. 1093-1300 / edited by Dr. Friedrich Georg von Bunge Liv-, Est and Curlandisches Urkundenbuch together Regesten. 2 Band. 1301-1367 / edited by Dr. Frederich Georg von Bunge Liv-, Est and kurländisches Urkundenbuch. Abt. 2, Bd. 2: 1501-1505 / ed. Leonid Arbuzov / founded by F. G. in. Bunge, continued by order of knights and Baltic cities of Hermann Hildebrand, Philip Schwartz and Leonid Arbuzov Liv-, Est and kurländisches Urkundenbuch : Bd. 3: 1. Addenda to the first two bands.[...]