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The Kassel Bürgerbuch (1520 to 1699) after the original in the city archives


The publication of the Kassel citizens book is intended for the local historian and genealogist of the most profitable draws. The original consists of 64 Parchment leaves in folio with a strong wooden cover and pressed leather coat with brass fittings.

Sources on the history of the city of Cologne (6 Volumes)


Die Geschichte von Köln reicht von der Römerzeit bis in unsere Tage hinein. With all the big-time issues and all world-historical turning points, the city had its meaning! In Cologne show from Augustus to the collapse of the Roman Empire, the gloss, aber auch seine Schwäche. All stations are equipped with a register, and with wonderful illustrations (Seal) provided.

Akta Generalia concerning the collection of duplicate church records of the District Court and City Baldenburg


Wikipedia writes about the history of Baldenburg: The region, was founded in the city later Baldenburg, included in the 12. and 13. Century to the dominion of the royal house of Samboriden. After they died, he came as a result of succession dispute pomerellischen 1309 to the Teutonic Order and made a part of the Commandery of the Order state Schlochau. The Christianization of Poland was probably carried out, what the long-lasting religious affiliation with the Archdiocese of Gniezno speaks. Presumably there was already a town near the later Slavic fishing village; delivered is a nameless village before[...]

700.000 Dokumente umgezogen


Das Stadtarchiv Düsseldorf in neuen Räumen: Innerhalb von sechs Monaten ist der überwiegende Teil der rund 700.000 Stücke in die sanierte Alte Paketpost gebracht worden. Ab Donnerstag sind die Lesesäle für Besucher geöffnet. Familienforschung ist ein Schwerpunkt.

Collection of marriage foundations and Leibgedingsbriefen knightly gender

The purpose of this publication (collected from several archives) which really made (completed) To prove marriages, especially interesting for the knightly genealogies gender in Prussia, Pomerania, Brandenburg and Saxony. The reason why is open up as many gaps in the genealogies, especially to, that the ordinary women found no adequate mention.