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Closed circles of social inbreeding marriage


The present study is a summary of the results of a degree thesis (1959) the Middle School Teacher Institute, Göttingen. It belongs to a series of research on the topic: “The socio-historical significance of closed social circles Marriage inbreeding” in northern Germany.

Life history of the Maltese prince and lord of Putbus


Since the 13. Century consisted of the family relationship between the Danish nobility and Putbus. Members of the family were in the Danish service, and held high offices. These included Henning II. Putbus, after the death of Valdemar IV. temporarily in the state affairs led Dämenark, and the Bishop of Odense, Waldemar I.. The family of the Lords of Putbus, The prince came to the, over the centuries has produced a whole series of important men. As the line of the Lords of Putbus Rügensche in 1702 mit dem  [...]

The descendants of Ambrose miner of the Baltic

Born 26.5.1641 in Fischhausen, He was on 14.5.1661 for the study of theology in Königsberg and was enrolled here referred to as “Pillaviensis”. His parents are indicated as Auli advocate fisci Ambrose et Sabine Berman and Wegener, Daughter of Master Caspar Wegener, the Lutheran preacher in a short biography in the province of Livonia as archdeacon in Königsberg called. 1667 Ambrsius was provost of the Rev. Christopher Kleinschmidt adjunctus chosen for Ruien. In this position he remained until 1669, then he went to a pastor[...]