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Genealogical research made easy: What Denmark and Norway to offer in its archives


The primary role of the State Archives is, to collect historical sources, retain and make available to the public. Some archives provide an exemplary manner in an online genealogy.

Now's the deal perkt: The most popular family network MyHeritage and has bought


Has already announced a few days ago mysteriously, Large flat MyHeritage! Now finally the cat is out of the bag! Today MyHeritage was now taking over and known. The time now since the year 2007 already the seventh, but above all the biggest takeover, The My Heritage has ever announced. und sind Abo-Dienste, Founded in 2006. These pages provide access to a vast pool of historical data contents. The database includes billions of people from censuses, Birth registers, Marriage registers and death registers. Beide  [...]

Gefährliche Familienforschung

Ahnenforschung ist ein beliebtes Hobby. Doch sie enthält manchmal auch Sprengsätze, die eine Familie spalten können Die Erforschung der eigenen Familie in der jüngeren oder auch weiter zurückliegenden Vergangenheit kann eine spannende Beschäftigung sein. Doch manchmal offenbart sich bei der Ahnenforschung so viel Zündstoff, dass auch die heute lebenden Familienmitglieder betroffen sind. Eine britische Soziologin kann dies jetzt in konkreten Zahlen benennen: Of 224 People, die sie zu ihrer Familienforschung befragt hatte, meldeten 30 einen dadurch entstandenen Konflikt. Das sind mehr als 13 Prozent –  [...]

Family tree search using the TNG Gendex Network and FamilyTreeSeeker

Meanwhile, there are many one million, which the genealogy hobby, Genealogy, Have prescribed Genealogy. And just as many websites to buzz around the Internet. The search for name occurrences, Family genealogies, Pedigrees, designed, therefore, usually very tedious and time consuming – a search service must be found.. Often used to scroll for hours from website to website but can not find the right one. In addition to the major online platforms including,,,, FamilySearch, Genwiki, regional clubs and associations, etc.. there is little genealogical tracing services for large data sets. Therefore[...]

Saliva Test in Venice men

As part of a mass testing, researchers want a U.S. university on behalf of the “National Geographic Society” find out more about the genetic origins of the population in Central- and Western Europe.