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New hires digitized at FamilySearch


Hamburg address books

old book2

Under this title, successively, the digital versions of all address books and telephone books collected earlier, give the address information. Were mainly digitized collections of the State- and University Library Hamburg Carl von Ossietzky and the State Archives of Hamburg, also volumes of 15 other German libraries and archives.

Vienna address books 1859 to 1942


The community has its own library of Vienna asked the address books of Vienna free online, This is a great thing! The majority of the population of Vienna is now directly searchable, including the information to change careers or move house. Called the head of household, Widows and unmarried women who own homes are called ebenfals.

The Journal Portal Journals @ URMEL

By working with many scientific publishers, more and more online journals are available. By digitizing the easier access to historical journals, while they might be saved from decay. The ThULB (Thuringian University- State Library) offers so on their sides under the symbol “URMEL” The following projects have already been implemented in: