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Archive for Stem- and Heraldry


Archive for regular and Heraldry (also: Weller's archives for regular- and Heraldry, in the 1. Year: The coat of arms collector) Monthly periodical providing for family histories and family crests, exchange for family historians, Armorial, Bookplate, Siegel- and coin collectors, as well as for heraldic and genealogical societies. No.. 1 Year 1900-1901 No.. 4 Year 1903-1903 No.. 5 Year 1904-1905 No.. 6 Year 1905-1906 No.. 7 Year 1906-1907 No.. 18 Year 1917-1918

Dynastic research


Content: 1. The counts of Jülich and their kinsmen 2. Antoingsche the trunk with its branches 3. Possessions, after which the counts cited by Cleveland 4. The counts of Moers 5. Proof of membership of the Lords of the needle Schoeppingk 6. The Counts of Sayn 7. The noble lords of Holte 8. The nobility of the province of Westphalia 9. Recognition of the baronial the predicate of Ledebur 10. On the gender of the gentry Märkischen, those in 13. to 15. The century mark “Noble lords” awarded[...]

The old nobility in the Upper Rhine


The sexes have played an important role in this country, and of which seal and coat of arms are available. It does not include the “Andlau, Eptingen, Hohenstein, Landsberg, Rathsamhausen etc.” Those: Kindler von Knobloch, Julius: The old nobility in the Upper Rhine, Berlin: Julius Sittenfeld 1882 (Download)

The nobility of Sweden and Finland

This paper provides a summary of the Swedish-language work published in two parts the author “Sveriges Adel I.. (1898) and II. (1902) The work tables are nominal over all living and extinct noble families in Sweden received, with number in the House of Nobility, the year of the survey, of lapse, nationality and profession of ancestor included. Also compare this product with the title: Swedish nobility Calendar: Sweden chivalry and nobility calendar

European genealogical guide to Google

European genealogical guide: where the latest news from all the houses now reigning European kings and emperors, and spirit of all- Churchill and secular- and Prince, as well as Count of the Holy Roman Empire, ingleichen of the Cardinals, Members of the Knights …, by Christian Frederick Jacobi, Friedrich Gottlob Krebel, Gleditsch publisher in Leipzig editions 1752 to 1800 Download as (Edition: BSBBSB10428532)