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Joachim Lambert IV. Minister and senior pastor inspector to Spandau

Joachim Lambert was born on 28.1.1658 Born in Kyritz. Since the family had before him Lamprecht three carriers of the same name, He was Joachim IV. called. The Lamberts were among the oldest families of the city council detectable. As the old records were destroyed by the magistrate Kyritzer larger fires, it was in researching the history of the oldest local families rely almost exclusively on the church records. In the 2. Generation can be outside 3 Daughters (Anna, Ilsa und Barbara Lamprecht) two sons find. But as in the[...]

The history of the city of Strasbourg

The book tells the story of the city since the Roman and Germanic period to the year 1000. in several chapters of the course of history as an episcopal city, in combat as a free imperial city, traced as French free city as the capital of the Empire State and Alsace-Lorraine. In 1308 An armed uprising was brutally suppressed. But it was formed out of an opposition within the governing, as the next generation of powerful domestic anger that derives from the family of Ortenau Müllheim, to the 1260 had appeared in Strasbourg, lifted by[...]

Collection of ancestor lists, and news of noble families in alphabetical order


This list is not constantly expanding. Name of aristocratic families that do not appear here, have been considered most likely to have a separate article, a search on the web (in the box at the top right) worthwhile, therefore necessarily! Or inquire directly with me!! Family name: in. Abensberg: Dollinger, Peter Paul: Die Grafen und Reichsherren von Abensberg, Landshut 1869 – 2.) Die altgefeyerte Dynastie des Babo von Abensberg in ihrer Abkunft, Verzweigung und Gesamtgenossenschaft in Bayern und Österreich, von Joseph Ernst v. Koch-Sternfeld, Regensburg: Verlag Manz, 1857 in. Abschatz: Wegener, Carl Hans: Biographie Assmanns  [...]