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The Bishop John of Blankenfelde


After the relevant literature is John Bright field between 1471 and 1478 born. Becmann indicates, that the Annual 1506 at the inauguration of the University of Frankfurt an der Oder in 36. Years standing, and already in 18. Age for D.U.J. I graduated.

Field Marshal Count Alfred von Waldersee


Not far from Dessau indicate two high walls and small crumbled wall remains the place, where once stood the village and castle Waldersee. Beginning of the 14. Century devastated the waters of the Elbe, and both 1341 There were the princes of Anhalt obtaining possession of the castle after the extinction of the same sex was here, completely pay off, to build a new stone with the Dessau. The goods of the parish church of St Mary's Church Waldersee received Dessauer and Waldersee arms with the gold and red[...]

The charters of the Counts de Lagardie in Tartu University Library

Pontus Lagardie, a noble family in the country sprung from Languedoc, was of his parents were originally intended for the church. But he withdrew from the bondage of life and devoted himself to the war: first in Piedmont under Marshal Brissac, then from 1559 in Scotland in French auxiliaries. After the Treaty of Edinburgh Ponus entered the service of King Frederick II. of Denmark, and after the peace between Denmark and Sweden, he entered Swedish service. Already 1566 He was sent on a diplomatic mission to France.

Biography of the knight Hans von Schweinichen

Hans von Schweinichen was anno 1552 Born at Castle Grodziec and he comes from a branch of the Silesian knightly Schweinitz. He began his career as a private tutor and at Marshal Friedrich IV. and at Duke Joachim Friedrich von Brieg. At the age he separated from Good Mertschiitz, settled in Legnica and bought a house there.

The memoirs of Count Ernst von Munnich

Count Ernst von Munnich, The author of this memoir of the years 1758, was the son of the well known and very famous in his time, derived from Oldenburg Russian Field Marshal Count Burchard, Christoph von Munnich (1683-1767) This was not only an engineer and builder of the Ladoga canal made a name for, but also as a general, the 1734 Danzig, 1736 the Crimea and 1737 The Turkish fortress conquered. 1740 He threw some grenadiers of the Russian imperial rulers hated Biron, Duke of Courland, but soon after he was[...]