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Chronicle of the family of Roggenbach

The first and second section of the work, a description of the place names Roggenbach and castle of the same village near Bonn. Followed with historical information about the rule Roggendorf, the coat of arms, the ranking position of the family, ministeriales. The last section deals with historical news and the family of Filitationen Roggenbach. Like this:Like Loading

The German Herold: Quarterly magazine for arms-, Siegel and Family History

Published by the Association of Berlin Herald. Once again I would like to provide relevant literature and the issues of the quarterly magazine hold a lot of background information and historical essays one. The writings were published under the title: “Quarterly Journal of heraldry and genealogy sphragistics” ( 1873–1889) “Quarterly magazine for arms-, Siegel and Family History” (1890–1931) Als kleiner Überblick hier einige Beispiele aus dem Inhalt […]

Wappen der Grafen von der Groeben

By King Friedrich Wilhelm II. elevated to the peerage

Included arms: Prince Carl von der Osten Sacken called, Counts of Hertzberg, the Count von Blumenthal, von der Schulenburg, Carl Georg Heinrich Graf von Hoym, the counts of the Groeben (Gröben) the Count von der Goltz, Counts of Kalckreuth, by Beyer, Samuel of Boulet, Peter Henry of Conninx, Heinrich Friedrich von Diez, Johann […]

By Michael Rembow – Ritter Ordens of merit for

Born Michael of Rembow-Sabinski 1740, Mr. Kirschnehnen on the circle Fischhausen, was on 3.3.1754 in the garrison Regiment von Manteuffel No.. 11 occurred. He was of 1756-1762 during the campaign and the siege of Schweidnitz, the campaign in Pomerania, Battles at wholesale Jägerndorf here. After capture, he came 1763 zum Regiment zurück.Like this:Like Loading

Nobles and clergy Rambow

[nivoslider slug =”default”] Albert of Rambow (Rambovius, Rambau, Rembovius, later called Rembowski) became a pastor for Seehesten (Ksp in the district Gumbinnen) called and died there after 36 Years, his successor = James Kaplan Schulzki of Rastenburg. Albert, * at 1530 + 18.11.1590, married after 1553 Catharine, as “Stranger” is known in the country, without relatives. Es folgen sechs Jahre […]

Contributions to the history of the family of Auerswald from documentary sources

The headquarters of the sex of Auerswald was according to tradition, the Knight's Castle Auerswalda with the family estate near Chemnitz, is named as the builder of Kaspar Auerswalda in the middle of the fifteenth century. The sex itself is much older and goes to the indication of Saxon historians up to the early history of Meissen. Wer als […]

Hidden treasures – Genealogical coat of arms

V During my research on family. Kunheim I stumbled by chance upon this wonderful book on the net. These are the moments, about how as a researcher quite insanely happy, even if such work is not in the original has (what a shame)

The title of this feature is: Stemmata Genealogica präcipuarum Familiarum Nobilum in Prussia and was written by the author John Hennenberger

The Polish nobility

Although the Polish nobility of Constitution 1921 was abolished, the former noble families still maintain their history