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The Bavarian of nobility

Of nobility are a publicly-run directory of all the nobles and aristocrats met certain requirements of a country. The best known example is the 1808 decorated Bavarian of nobility; who was not registered in their, was not in the public acts recognized as nobility. A general book had nobility of Saxony (1902), factually or. were regionally restricted Adelsmatrikeln it in Württemberg for the nobility unable glorious and gallant economic (1818) and in Tyrol for the landed gentry (1363) or. Prussia in the Rhineland of nobility (1827)

Master tables of the nobility of the Grand Duchy of Baden

New book edited by Adel E. of the Becke-Klüchtzner, Baden-Baden 1886 The digitization of this work could only be realized, by providing a private copy, which Baron Recum courtesy of the University of Heidelberg presented as a template available.