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The rural residences, Palaces and residences of the Knights scientific landowners in the Prussian monarchy

In the years 1857-1884 Alexander is the publisher Duncker, a 16-volume work on the bottom called residences, Castles and residences released. Of the total 959 Single sheets relate 92 the Prussian province of Pomerania to 1857. Of the other provinces of Silesia 227 Views of the most common, throughout the province of Prussia only 72 Image examples are offered. Schleswig-Holstein with 5 Views represented. The declared aim of the publisher was, to present as many stately homes and provided with a historical and family accompanying SCIENCE. (See Baltic Studies New Series, Bd. 82) Title:  [...]

Family history of the Barons of Uslar-kind

On the southern slope of the Sollinger forest, about 25 km northwest of Göttingen, lies in a valley traversed by the eels, the city Uslar, as “Husleri” already under the Abbot of Corvey Walho between 1011 and 1016 known. There is no doubt, that was taken from this place the name of the knight economic Hanoverian nobility counted by sex Uslar, than in the first half of the 12. Century, until then marked only by their Christian names noble people to eliminate the confusion thus created their given names[...]

Genealogical books on needle

The books and papers lying in PDF and DjVu format. The required plugin for the browser can download the adjacent sub-address and Becoming The installed. See also: Collection of ancestor lists, and news of noble families in alphabetical order and the item to the nobility encyclopedias

Family history of Dirksen

The present, on behalf of the imperial ambassador in Berlin, Willy von Dirksen authored two-volume history covers the 300 years of family history of coming from the Netherlands, originally Mennonite family, the grounds of religious persecution left his old home and in the years from 1887 The Prussian nobility v. Dirksen showed. The members of the family lived in Holland, so, in Hamburg, Danzig, and in Königsberg.

History of the family of Norman

Edited 1894 Emil Freiherr von Normann, His royal chamberlain. Highness the Grand Duke of Luxembourg. The family history written down here with their boards, Filitationen and genealogies were not originally intended for public. Closely linked to the noble families v. Rush, Moltzahn, Eickstedt, Schwerin, Plate, Blankenburg, Jasmund, in. d. East, Rodbertus, Kahlden, Holsten, Barnekow, Spoon, Buggenhagen and octopus joke, Here, the author traces the complete detailed history of the family v. By Norman.