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August Kotzebue: The nobility

Fragment of a larger historical-philosophical work on honor and shame, Glory and fame of all nations and of all ages as a Download. Author: August von Kotzebue, Leipzig 1792

History of Heraldry

This important reference work was written by Gustav Adelbert Seyler and appeared in a New Town. d. Aisch in: Bauer & Raspe, 1970. It includes the structure of the stands, the knighthood is illuminated thematically, as the tournaments. We continue to sample the ancestors and the legal battle, the prehistory of the coat of arms, The coat of arms symbolism, the coat of arms art, Heraldry and coat of arms right. A section is devoted to the mathematical and philosophical school and Philipp Jacob Spener. The whole is rounded off with a detailed index and images of some original shields.

Individual biographies from Austria

On the website of the “austrian literature online” are mainly related to digital books and Austria offered are free and also available as ePrint. Currently there are approximately 13.733 Documents from the 11. Century to the Present. The project relies on the initiative of the University- and Regional Library of Tyrol, Graz University Library and the Institute “Integrated Studies” the University of Linz. An absolutely recommendable project!

Documents and evidence on the history of the Order of the Swan

Extract from the content: List of members of the fifties of the 15. The Century Foundation's letter to the Margrave Albrecht of names of members of South German tongue (Seelbuch) all provided with biographical sketches to present an overall picture about the country's history. (Online edition) Author Siegfried Haenle, Brügel publisher and son, Ansbach 1876

Materials for materials History of Livonia

The Danish governor of Osel were: Claus von Ungern 1574-1576 Johann Uexküll Menz 1576 Georg Fahrenbach of Nelvi up 1584 Mathias Budde 1584 Johann Swabe up 1593 Claus look up Städt 1610 Frederick Schenk If Nils Kragge up 1613 Jacob Becke 1617 Friedrich Rantzow 1626 Andreas Bille 1639 to 1641 Woldemar Christian, Duke of Holstein 1642