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Paperback Gothaisches genealogical letter of noble houses 1907-1919

Expenditure: 1907. First year 1908. Second Year 1909. Third year 1910. Fourth Year 1911. Fifth year 1912. Sixth Year 1913. Seventh Year 1914. Eighth year 1915. Ninth Year 1916. Tenth year 1917. Eleventh Year 1918. Twelfth Year 1919. Thirteenth year spending more Gothaische see nobility encyclopedias source: Gotha : Perthes, 1.1907 – 13.1919 – Available online from the University- and State Library of Düsseldorf

Historical Geschlechterbuch the city of Augsburg

From the contents: Coat a result of older extinct Augsburg patrician family crest due to the 1538 existing old patrician family of Augsburg arms due to the 1538 newly ennobled families of Augsburg arms due to the 1548 in the Augsburg city council appointed councilors and judges signature: BSB Cod.icon. 312 b, von Paul Hector Mair, Augsburg around 1550 BSB Munich online version

Freiburg Document Server (FreiDok)

The Freiburg Document Server is a small tip, I now want to introduce a little closer. The “Freiburg Document Server” together with additional full text servers of other universities have a “Virtual Research Library” He was in the context of ” Perspectives for the Young Generation” set up the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg and maintained by the Freiburg University Library. The electronic documents are developed as conventional literature and the Southwest German Library Network (SWB) and demonstrated in the Freiburg online catalog. This ensures, that both conventional and electronic publications are recorded in a single catalog. In addition to tapping into[...]

History and Description of the former castle fortresses and castles knight of the Prussian monarchy

From this multi-volume work is now the 1. Band forms, provided by the Saxon State Library in Dresden. The old castle strongholds in the provinces of the Kingdom Preusse, especially in Silesia, Thuringia, the Duchy of Saxony and Westphalia, etc. all have the same fate, they lie in ruins. War, Fire or newer owners, which the walls were leaving and the time of weathering are responsible.

Master tables of the nobility of the Grand Duchy of Baden

New book edited by Adel E. of the Becke-Klüchtzner, Baden-Baden 1886 The digitization of this work could only be realized, by providing a private copy, which Baron Recum courtesy of the University of Heidelberg presented as a template available.