Students at the University of Copenhagen 1479 to 1611

The University of Copenhagen 1479 a Royal Decree under the name University Hafniensis founded. In addition to Roman Catholic theology was initially Law, Taught medicine and philosophy. 1537 reached the Lutheran Reformation, the University, The seminar was converted into a Protestant.

This date is now regarded as an alternative founding date, and is also noted on the official seal of the University. Starting with the Faculty of Theology 1675 led to 1788 all faculties exam tests a, from then on were the prerequisite for the attainment of a qualification.

Of 1479 to 1564
Of 1565 to 1583
Of 1583 to 1597
Of 1597 to 1602
Of 1603 to 1608
Of 1608 to 1611

Camilla Luise Dahl von fotografiert

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