Pedigree of the aristocratic house Asseburg

The castle Asseburg, has given this house its nickname, was not far away from Wolfenbüttel and of the ocher (Aces also called on the wood) and will shortly be before the Duke Otto of Saxony (912) died, be built.

It must have been older but his, because even among the first men to 784 a “Hezilo by nathan” occurs. The castle seems magnified by Duke and Ottone were to be secured and maintained so that the builder. In 988 is one of the Wirich Asseburg and soon , in 996 Arnold one of the Asseburg at a tournament in Brunswick called.

The second line takes its origin from the House of Lords of Hagen, 1091 Gebhard von Hagen is mentioned in documents, as a master of the house Asseburg. Hereditary as the offspring of his house was, these were “Asseburg” called. Already in ancient times they were a count's Gender, this testifies to a letter from the monastery Katlenburg, because it is annotated 1139 Earl Hinrich named by nathan.


Behrens, Konrad Barthold: Pedigree of the house hochadelichen Asseburg, brought together from all sorts of old and some previously unknown documents, Paderborn: Todt, 1721

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