Master register and the family history Bonte with its ramifications for 1620

familie-bonteFor the family history and the family tree Bonte'schen have included the church books of the German and French Reformed churches went through to Magdeburg and Berlin. The basic root of the First Jean Bonte, divided into two main strains of Jean Bonte Bonte and Jean le jeune the Second.

Jean Bonte der I. was around the year 1620 born. He was a carpenter and married to Marguerite de la Croix. She bore him two sons.

After the Peace of Westphalia, he left driven by the influence of the Reformation church of his birth and went to Holland with his wife and children. His wife bore him two children here.

So when the then Prince Carl Ludwig of the Palatinate – to raise his 30-year land depopulated by war again – the Protestants freedom of worship and advantageous Prvilegien assured, poured a large part of Holland, France and other countries here. Among them is Jean Bonte was with his family, he settled in 1651 in der Pfalz nieder. Seine Frau gebar ihm abermals in den Jahren 1655 to 1660 three other children, including four sons. In 1666 the plague broke out in Mannheim, and so the family moved back to Holland. When they returned it was left only his youngest daughter Marie in Holland.

Children of Jean Bonte the First and Marguerite de la Croix

  1. John (Jean Jacob) born between 1640 and 1645
  2. Otto was born in Antiéres to 1646, was on 18.3.1660 confirmed in the church at Mannheim. At the 12.11.1673 He married Marie du Camp in Mannheim and died childless in 1677
  3. Marguerite was born in Leiden to 1649 was at Easter 1663 Confirmation. She married on 12.2.1668 Frederic de Vaux.
  4. Jean was born in Leiden to 1650, died in Magdeburg on 11.7.1709, from him comes from the line Magdeburg.
  5. Madelaine was born on 13.8.1655 in Mannheim, married on 12.11.1673 the citizen Jean Sade
  6. Antoine was born on 16.9.1657 in Mannheim, probably died early, there was never talk of him.
  7. Marie Madeleine was born on 23.12.1660 in Mannheim. She married on 24.11.1680 the postmaster of Josiah Maret from Heidelberg, but the marriage remained childless.

The eldest son Jean was the ancestor of living in Stockholm and Reichenberg in Bohemia Bonte'schen families. He married at Mannheim on 14. August 1667 Susanne Harnier native of Sedan, and daughter of the citizen and gunsmith Daniel Harnier. Suffice to introduce the family history. Among the names already mentioned are joined by the family name Hagemann, Jordan Schwartz and Liepelt from Magdeburg, Kessler, in Königsberg, and the family originally from Upper Lusatia Jockusch. The book can be downloaded as a collective work or even in individual pages.

The book was a joint effort of the family in Magdeburg 1844 printed. The authors were Isaac Bonte, Johann Ludwig Wild, Louis Hagemann

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