Karl Rodbertus – Theorists of political economy and socialism

57204RodbertusJohann Karl Rodbertus is in the intellectual history of 19. Jh. known as the founder of scientific socialism, conservative, the on's National, peaceful and legal means should be implemented. In the discussion of the revolution, he also tried to intervene, acting. He was elected to the National Assembly and was also 14 Minister of Culture, Ministry days Auerswald-Hansemann.

According to the study and a short training period, he settled on the estate Jagetzow in Pomerania, and the knights of the circle of Usedom-Wollin appointed him a deputy of the County Council and the General of the province of Pomerania Landschaftsrat. 1842 Rodbertus sat down for the recognition of the Frankfurt Parliament. Following the resignation of the Cabinet Kamphausen he was under the Auerswald 26. June 1843 Prussian Minister of Culture (see above) In the 2. Chamber of 1849 He continued as leader of the center left the decision on recognition of the constitution by, which led to the dissolution of the Chamber. In time, he defended the conflict Bismarck's policies.

Family history:

His father was a temporary professor of Roman law at Greifswald, his grandfather John Nicholas Kaufmann to Barth in Pomerania. Grandfather's brother Johann Karl Rodbertus is also the first husband's grandmother Catherine Maria Westphalen, hence also to the noble family of the late grandmother of Rodbertus is. The great-grandfather Nicholas David Rodbert probably belonged in the context of sex Mecklenburg pastor of that name, whose ancestor Peter Rodbert pastor Boren in Schleswig and 1609 died. The same official had his son John, while the grandson of John and Henry turned to Mecklenburg, and there founded their own lines.


Johann (1622-1666) had been 1649 Pastor in Lübchen, Heinrich (1619-1695) since 1654 Pastor in Kölzow. He had Catherine, Daughter of David Schiffer's judges to Rostock and Catherine of Wieden (+1655 as the wife of Nicholas Kilius University typographus) married. Henry began in the bleak period of 30 years of war, even the priest's house built painstakingly slowly on with a trowel and ordered himself and his wife, Children and the maids totally derelict land. Henry's son, Daniel, Nicholas (+1731) was 1691 it retired father's successor in Kölzow.

Probably after the first name of David and Nicholas Schwerin Rodbert einzuorden above into this family circle. Noteworthy is the maternal ancestor page. Eleanor Frederica Schlettwein is the heiress of Beseritz in Mecklenburg-Strelitz. This estate was administered by the father of John Charles a model for the son. Friederike Eleonores Vater Johann August Schlettwein from Weimar (1731-1802) was in his century as the”physiocratic host” known. He was the first chair of the economic faculty in Giessen held, was also a professor of police science have been too Kalrsruhe.

His wife, Eleanor of Frederica Geusau, Daughter and sister of General, came from the central German nobility. Among her ancestors sexes we find among other things, Eschwege, Muenster, Gehofen, Seebach and especially the highly gifted Witzleben the Wendelstein line, already expressed in the time of Martin Luther with a knight and doctor their mental disposition, and the scholarly tradition passed on through many generations.

What is surprising is the parent line, that it was with Marie Dorothea of ​​contactor is a member of the 1895 extinct race of contactor Pflummern acted, the one in his Auffstieg Würtemberg history owes infamous personality, The John Henry v. Contactor, in one of the most unfortunate periods Würtemberg, the long-term mistresses of Duke Eberhard Ludwig, had played a dubious role.

John Henry's father, Johann Balthasar contactor, Counts-bailiff was hanauischer, his mother's maiden name Rodschied. John Henry's brother, Johann Philipp Schütz, würtembergischer was Privy Councillor and Director of Church Council, one sister of the noble Privy Councillor Johann Nathanael of Schunck, married a person of ill repute.

On the other hand, was the first wife of Johann Heinrich v. Protective oo 18.1.1694 Anna Philippina of Schunck. Johann Heinrich v. Contactor to Mr. Adelberg, Pflummern and winemakers Hausen, Ritter Ordens of generosity, Imperial Imperial Councilor of Duke Eberhard Ludwig von Württemberg, real Privy Council, Conference minister plenipotentiary and envoy extraordinary, as well as at the Imperial Court, auf dem Reichstag in Regensburg. He was on 14.2.1699 by Emperor Leopold I.. nobility in the kingdom, at the 3.3.1719 Emperor Charles IV. elevated to the peerage. Vermutlich ist er in Hanau geboren am 4.7.1669 and died on 3.10.1732 to Nuremberg. He was also chief bailiff of the city offices and Blaubeuren, Münsingen and Steußlingen. Another daughter by his first marriage, Caroline Wilhelmine Elisabeth, married 1734 the Karl Heinrich von Gsug and after his death, Eugene von Schwerin. The origin of the second wife of Johann Heinrich v. Protective oo 17.6.1716 Eleonore Dorothea of ​​Körbener, could not be determined previously. (A race of that name appears in Moltke's pedigree)



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