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The life history of the State Minister Robert Victor von Puttkamer

Robert was on Victor von Puttkamer 5. More 1828 Frankfurt on the Oder was born the second son of the former Council on Court of Appeal of Eugene Puttkamer. His life-stages, starting with a description of his descent, the history of the sex of Puttkamer and the von Zitzewitz.

His youth and life as a district administrator to 1866, Puttkamer government as President and Chief President and 1879, Standing up to the Puttkamer 1881, Career as a Minister of the Interior, his reforms, correspondence with Bismark and a description of the reign of Kaiser Wilhelm I activity.

Under Emperor Frederick III. took place on 8. June 1888 his dismissal. Thereafter Puttkamer canon of Merseburg and from 1889 Member of the Prussian mansion. 1891 He was appointed by Emperor Wilhelm to Oberprasident Pomerania.


Staatsminister von Puttkamer, a piece of Prussian history 1828-1900, edited by Albert von Puttkamer in Koehler Verlag in Leipzig (Download in der Baltycka Bibliotheka Cyfrowa )