Ludwig Philipp Freiherr vom Hagen, a Prussian Minister of State of the County of Hohenstein


Among the prominent men, that emerged from the county Hohenstein, is also the Minister of Louis Philippe Hagen. His work was not devoted primarily to the County of Hohenstein, it is her but had benefited. Born 3. More 1724 Hagen's family estate on the old Stöckey, he devoted himself (as did his father, District of Hohensteinsche Friedrich Philipp von Hagen, who was known for his diligent in office and his excellent management of his estates) the Prussian civil service. This included a good general education and thorough knowledge of business. She eased his future career.

After holding various positions at the provincial chambers, finally took place under the title of a Privy budget- and his war council was appointed to the Royal Ministry in Berlin, and soon after the appointment as senior minister. He was mainly engaged on work for the country's culture. The royal recognition, which was not easy to buy, was found in a variety of graces. Thus, the Minister, except the other possessions, three manors belonged to Niedergebra, at the 16. June 1766 formerly the office of Lohra Gebra what has been responsible heritage interest, Service funds and similar rights (with the exception of the castle fortress) forced through the mill and Friedrichsrode Niedergebra, and jurisdiction in civil- lent and criminal cases and the patronage of the church and school graciously by leasehold prescription.

The patronage of interest was confirmed by Hagen, fact that in the 1771 Testament of the established church 100 and the poor box 1500 Reichsthaler gave. As the Baron seriously ill later, The king testified his heartfelt condolences. The disease ended with the death on 6. February 1771. Frederick the Great, deeply moved by the death of his faithful servant, wrote to the General Directorate: “He had lost a Minister Hagen, like it a lot of hope, But unfortunately, few have; His memory will always remain his worth and memorable and”.

The king ordered to, that the portrait was set up at Hagen's open meeting and open doors in the audience-chamber “to the everlasting memory of this righteous servant of the state”. How much esteemed minister of the King, is also evident from, that he gave him the highest Prussian order, namely the Black Eagle and the Order Pour le Mérite awarded. In addition, he was raised as a member of St. John. His picture shows him in the chest armor and the cloak of St. John with the star and ribbon of the Black Eagle and the insignia of the Order Pour le Mérite.

The minister died childless, were his property to his brother, the knights of the county director of Hohenstein and canon of Naumburg, Baron Adolf Wilhelm vom Hagen. Louis Philippe was married to his first marriage to Louise Charlotte von der Goltz (1738-1759) and second wife, Johanna Louise von Oertzen. The minister was buried magnificently in Möckern, in an extension of the St. St. Lawrence Church.


After wife died of Bodenhausen, First, the heirs leased their property. 1711 live Anton Ludwig and Friedrich Philipp, two of the four brothers from Niedergebra on the estate Stöckey. Later, the latter of the two brothers Friedrich Philipp von Hagen is the sole owner. Proven to originate from his marriage to Gertrude of Munchausen 10 Children.

Als Erben erwählte Ludwig Philipp die Nachkommenschaft seines Bruders Wilhelm Adolf zu Trägern des Fideikommisses, which he dated with date 23. November 1770 and had set up for the 18. March 1775 received the royal assent. Louis Philippe's first subsequent owner, his nephew, Christoph Friedrich Wilhelm (1754-1813) the 1803 The earldom was. Be 1748 born son Adalbert Wilhelm Hermann Leo to have acquired the hereditary honors of Erbschenken-office in the Duchy of Magdeburg (1840) This office he took his son, Hilmar (*1835) from. Hilmar was also heir to the estates and Deuna Gebra.

Genealogy Quick Facts:

Grandparents: Ludwig Christoph von Hagen (1646-1689) oo Sophia Maria von Dachröden
Parents: Frederick Philip (+16.7.1754) Hagen oo Gertrud von Munchausen
Sibling: Maria Katharina Christiana *25.3.1713; Christoph Friedrich *24.6.1718; Anton Karl *6.11.1719; Anna Dorothea Friederike *23.5.1722; Charlotte Henriette *19.4.1726 Stöckey, +11.10.1761, married on 9.8.1751 with chamberlain von Bredow; Christoph *13.3.1727 +15.2.1728; Augustina Maria Juliana *10.2.1730 married on 18.11.1753 August Christof von Hagen Daugava; Antonetta Sophia Carolina *12.9.1733; Wilhelm and Adolf *11.2.1721 married Sophie Christine of Wintzingerode (12 Children) The detailed genealogies can be found as always in the database.


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