Personnel records of the Bavarian soldiers 1. World War II Online

As of Wednesday the 11. November can be at search the digitized personnel files of the Bavarian soldiers. To access a membership is required (The issue we have ever had) This is valid for six months and costs 30 Euro.

But also allows you to access “all historical records” This Web Site. A hit list includes the digitized file with all the information about Soldiers fighting, Leadership, Marital status, Religion and children. Wer die Sütterlinschrift nicht beherrscht dem steht die Seite zusätzlich in Latein zur Verfügung.

Excerpt from digitized historical

The oldest book of the city Stade 1286 : Issue 1-2
Genealogy of the Noble Knights of Henzler rest of castle, in addition to ordinary- panels of the same name and gender related
Chronicle of the city and countryside Schaffhausen
The Aichinger, Chronicle of a Bavarian-style house (1240-1909) With pedigree and other supplements by Christian Aichinger band 1
Paperback sex von Oertzen
German collection of historical postcards, c. 1893-1963 – Updated
The descent of the … Frederik Ferdinand von Krogh and other family news
The charters of the monastery Stötterlingenburg
On the history of the family von der Marwitz : Regesten, Family trees and other materials
Contributions to a genealogy of the family Nolte
The Schacht family
Messages on the history of the counts of sex Königsmarck
The Cassel burger book (1520 to 1699) : released after the originals of the Cassel City Archives
History of the race Daude
Cassell book name : Residents name the Electoral main- and classified according to their importance residence Cassel
Family history of Schenck
Certificate Book of the town of Rottweil. First volume
Documentary chronicles the families Bartsch Striegau, Legnica, Jawor, Freiburg
Genealogical Tables : and the mutual relations of kinship Regent Homes: Babenberg, the P?emysliden, Piast, Arpaden, Houses of Anjou, Luxenburg, Jagajlo, Wasa, Habsburg-Lorraine
Genealogy of the family Bartenstein
Description of the Schilling family sex Canstatt, Revision u. Continuation
From the archives of the family of Carlowitz
Arms and trunks of the Count of Lauterbach Hundt : district office in Dachau
The family-Proyl Lutow and Catherine Brotherhood in Mölln
The present flourishing families of the Styrian nobility
The funeral orations of the library of the monastery gray
The church records in the administrative district of Bromberg
Family tree of the grains in Hamburg
History of Jews in Riga : to the justification of the Hebrew community of Riga in the J. 1842
Contributions to the history of the race's Arnim'schen : Garnish
The Frisians and their families
History of Cologne, Jülichschen Bergische and gender
Hoyer Urkundenbuch. Band 1
Hoyer Urkundenbuch. Band 2-8
State Genealogical Handbook booklet 2
State Genealogical Handbook booklet 1
Genealogy of the house Rechteren-mediated Limpurg
History of sex in Thümen
The Wettin : Genealogy of the Wettin Ernestine and Albertine Gesammthauses line with the inclusion of those in houses of Great Britain, Belgium, Bulgarien und Portugal
Additions to the annual 1859 Family book published by Bulow
Sarrazin family pedigree of the Westphalian
Heraldic Guide : for lovers of heraldry, as well as for artists and TRADERS
Paul Jovius Chronicle of the Counts of Orlamünde
Contributions to the houses of the city's Chronicle Langensalza, Issue 1-3
The history of the realm, and building Ysenburg Büdingen. Band 1
The history of the realm, and building Ysenburg Büdingen. Band 2
The history of the realm, and building Ysenburg Büdingen. Band 3
Documents and calendar entries on the history of Viscount and Baron von Hammerstein
History and genealogy of the family Credé
Seven centuries Flemming shear Chronicle : a hard gift to the Annual 1909

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