The castle Heimbach and the counts and lords of Hengebach

The name comes from Heimbecha first in a document of the Frankish king Theodoric I., with donations to the church at Arras. The name comes from the river Heimbach Hengebach “ubi Hengebach influit Ruram.”

The oldest owner of the castle or the castle Hengebach, was Godizo of Aspel-Heimbach, the son of Richizo; as parentage and its origin is unclear, but he was a mighty lord, and he was not only the owner of Heimbach and Aspel on the Lower Rhine. Both locks he gave on his deathbed 1011 into the hands of Count Gerhard of Monterberg. This left but Aspel, because he was removed to, his friend the Count Balderich, was in Clevischen wealthy and rich by marriage by his wife Adela with Godizo; Heimbach but he gave the widow of Godizo. This widow had misled, for the second time to marry a certain Gebhard and included in Heimbach, a vassal of Balderich.

Balderich was a long time ago in a bloody feud for control of the Lower Rhine with his relatives by Count Wichmann of Hamaland. Now, while Wichmann 1012 was sent to Duke Godfrey of Lower Lorraine and Bishop of nobility Bold Utrcht at the top of the imperial army to Brabant, Gerhard rushed to the aid of these, who had been displaced by Gebhard von Heimbach.


Miller, Giles: The castle Heimbach and the counts and lords of Hengebach, Bochum: Fassbender, 1868 (Contribution to the history of the Duchy of Jülich)


The history of Heimbach and his castle

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