Berlepsch Castle and its aristocratic owners


The castle is situated on a steep mountain Berlepsch on the Werra, near Witzenhausen and has been a center of 14. Century, the family of Berlepsch, which first documented in the middle of the 13. Century found. The oldest verifiable headquarters of the family (mentioned in the oldest documents and also Berlevessen Barlevessen) The village is at Barlissen Jühnde in Hanover. The same was, when is not known for sure, probably destroyed from Göttingen.

In 1369 Arnold built the new house of Berlepsch Berlepsch in Witzenhausen and has been with the same, as well as the villages Hübenthal, Hermannsrode, Albshausen etc.. of the Landgrave Heinrich II. fief of Hesse. At the same time he was also the dignity of Hesse-Erbkämmerer awarded.

As this line of sex, however, in the year 1392 extinct with his son Hans von Berlepsch, Landgraf moved the protest in spite of other family members, including the castle Erbkämmererwürde. Only parakeet von Berlepsch, from another branch of the family, received in 1458 by Landgrave Ludwig II. of Hesse and the Erbkämmererwürde 1461 the castle, or. Berlepsch Castle back, which to this day the family has remained continuously.

Parakeet von Berlepsch is the progenitor of all later von Berlepsch, which has since been in Hesse, Hanover, Thuringia and Saxony spread. A son of parakeet (also often called Sittig) Hans von Berlepsch, was steward at the Wartburg, making it known, Martin Luther in that he 1521 by order of the Elector Frederick the Wise of Saxony at the Wartburg kept captive.

The castle whose foundations are still largely intact, with towers and ramparts was built firmly and securely. In 30jährien war was to swipe the Tilly'schen army of a lot of the same stripe on 11. July 1623 taken by force, looted and partially burned. When this came storming over 40 People around. Of the family were two members of the Castle, füchtete one of the walls, the other was found dead after a few days in the woods. This was unfortunately destroyed the extensive family archive.


Berlepsch Castle to 1860

From the State Board of Friedrich Ludwig von Berlepsch +1818, were performed on Berlepsch extensive buildings including garden plants. Succeeded Carl Friedrich Ludwig Hans Graf von Berlepsch, Erbkämmerer of Hesse, Honorary Knight of the Order of St. John, Upper head of the Hessian knights and a member of the Prussian royal mansion, was 1869 elevated to the rank of count, inherited with the law of primogeniture. The same built a tower, and beautified the surroundings of the castle, whose position is already endowed by nature with many charms, through more extensive gardens.

The Community Fideicommiss possession of the two main lines of Berlepsch of family Berlepsch at Seebach and, consists of the manors Hübenthal, Ellerode, Neuenrode, Freudenthal, Fahrenbach, Bach Drilling and Hambach in the district of Kassel, as well as the aforementioned Seebach, Welsbach and Grossengottern Langensalza in a circle and of course the castle Berlepsch. The sometimes quite detailed genealogies are Database recorded.


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