The genealogy of the family of the castle and Gerolt to Leyen at Linz on the Rhine

The old castle was home to the headquarters Leyen one by that name to call the race (originally as a free fee simple) An initial partial destruction of the castle is under siege by the year 1340 attributed.

Then was archbishop Engelbert III through. in 1368 a recovery, but their subsequent complete destruction falls on a feud, which went beyond the boundaries of the Cologne archbishopric, in time to 1475 back.

As a replacement to the sex of Monreal was in 1480 the old customs house in Linz granted. This is also in the specification of 22.4.1615 confirmed. At the 5. June 1341 Johann Ritter von der Leyen was the archbishop of Cologne and the archbishopric Walram his castle to Leyen to a quite considerable sum of money because of his proven benefits of the castle as a feudal castle at Wied. He was with his first wife Greta, a daughter of Henry Rolman of Remagen and married his second wife Agnes von Isenburg-border tax.


Long, Joseph Henry: Leyen castle at Linz on the Rhine : Plant: Genealogy of the family of Gerolt, Cologne : Gorres-house, 1927

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