Biographies of Riga

With the slogan “Man lives in the memory” on the cover, the author begins his work.

This WHO'S WHO, focusing on the culture in Riga, offers life stories and family news and anniversary celebrations, Riga's city of the sheets of 1810 to 1879 and partly from since 1858 Riga appearing almanac to the year 1884 were taken.

A look at the contents of the combined three volumes revealed to the reader many surprising names, supply determines the one or the other researchers new aspects.

The first volume extends over the period 1810 to 1829 City of Leaves, Band zwei über den Zeitraum 1830 to 1855 and the third volume, covering the period 1856 to 1879. The content of the 3. Band and the introduction of elected magistrates heard on 8. January 1787, and the introduction of the old council on 1. More 1797

The book is offered as a download from the BSB Munich.


Jakob Gottfried Frobeen, Publisher Döhren, Riga 1881-1884

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