Collection of imperial court council-report

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Report because of renegade Canonici of Worms, Conflict of Reichs-Erb- and court offices on, Legitimation eines Filii Natural much Kardinals Francisci Sforzia, Pappenheim against Regensburg, Schaumburg-Lippe Lippe against…

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In Sachen Oettingen-Oettingen-Wallerstein Baldern gegen , Oettingen-Oettingen-Wallerstein counter Spielberg , concerning Ostfriesische country Differentien anno 1732

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dispute the Gan-heirs of Busecker valley against the Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt

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In terms of the Bishop of Basel against his estates …

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In the imperial knighthood things in Franconia , comes the Prince of Carignano against Duke of Modena …

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The riot to Mulhouse , particular the appointment of the Inquisition and punishment of riots , on the images taken by the knights capitals. .


Moser, Friedrich Carl:

Collection of imperial court council-report, Frankfurt 1752 (6 Volumes)

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