Register for the Bavarian nobility genealogy

John Michael's Prey Bavarian nobility description is the most extensive collection of old Bavarian noble family genealogists at all. 33 Folio volumes are, the manuscript department of the Bavarian State Library and kept as Download provides. The registers described here could only be realized by the estate of the heraldic painter Anton Pollinger, which the book “Prey of noble sex register” had.

The manuscript was Polli Gersche for printing with the Codex (Sammlung Codices Iconographici) compared, checked and completed and placed in alphabetical order to improve. This register of Prey's nobility is extended to include descriptions of names to some other major genealogical compilations on Bavarian nobility.

These relate not only largely to the same family, each other but they were also often used as source, what their inclusion in the register near places. These are: Wiguleus Hundt: “Bavarian Stem-book Part 1-3″; John Lieb: “Processing by the Indian Book Part 3″; to the Jacob Sauerzapf attributed manuscript in the municipal archives of Augsburg, Christoph Stingl by Haim: “The extinct and still thriving Old Bavarian nobles families”; Otto Freiherr von Dungern: “Genealogical guide to Bavarian-Austrian history”; Franz Tyroller: “Genealogy of the old Bavarian nobility in the High Middle Ages”.


Baron Nicholas von Schrenck, Munich 1974

Online-Version der Serie Genealogy Boica, Band 4 from the project Digitisation on Demand with the signature of the BSB Munich: Bavar. 4991

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