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Busiest in the charters of the monastery Kolbatz

Kolbacz (German Kolbatz, to 1910 Colbatz) is a village in the Polish province of West Pomerania, and belongs to the rural community of starlings Czarnowo (Neumark in Pomerania) in a circle Gryfino (Greifenhagen)

Kolbatz comes from example, the historian and diplomat Wilhelm von Donniges (*1814) Closely associated with Kolbatz are Charles of Scheveningen, Theologian and bishop of the Evangelical Church of Pomerania, and shipowner Frederick William Krause.

Of 1637 to 1673 Kolbatz was a part of Swedish Pomerania. After the time Sweden was a council of war Sydow Farmers-general of Kolbatz. 1811 bought Amtsrat Gaede is, and 1816 was the Privy Counselor Frederick William Krause Owner. Then bought back the state Kolbatz, and the domain was leased. (See article in Wikipedia)


Hermann Hoogeweg (1857-1913): Summaries of the monastery Kolbatz, Publication 1915

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