Rambow at the lake near Lenzen

Though founded in the year of Rambow is 1356 called. 1984 was the 625. Village anniversary celebration. The place is located in the beautiful scenery Rambow Prignitz with its beautiful Churches and monasteries in the northwest of the state of Brandenburg. Surrounded by forests and meadows include the lake and the Rambower Rambower Moor a nature reserve in the Elbe Valley. Rare species of plants and animals you meet while hiking around the lake, of itself may not be managed.

The development was to Rambow 1800 influenced by the nearby lake. They were mainly fishermen, who lived in the vicinity of the lake and secured their existence by fishing. After 1800 (155 Population) The inhabitants lived almost exclusively on the income of their agriculture. To 1856 there was a manor, which was divided after. The village is of the nature a Sackgasssendorf and is in a sub-- Oberndorf and a divided.

With a huge fire at the 18.4.1883 in the lower village, many old farm houses burned, and the church and the school. On the wide village street, planted with Linden, again, new beautiful farmhouses emerged. Rambow received 1887 again a new beautiful church with a magnificent organ.

Also a large new school building was built at that time, today as the village- Community house is used. Administratively Rambow is the lake today a municipality in Mellen, the Office for Elbtalaue Lenzen / Elbe is. Rambow hat ca. 100 Population, working primarily in the neighboring towns (Agriculture and crafts )

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