Rambow in Müritz circle

In 999 Rambow is the place established as Holzfällerort, at 1100 subjecting Duke Henry the Lion of Saxony, the Sorbian areas beyond the Elbe.

Count Henry dies 1164, But until his death he was Germanized to the west of Mecklenburg Schwerin Sun, that the area “as a German colony” looked. From 1180 Christianization of the Slavs is a targeted area.

Numerous individual graves and grave fields, in particular between “Desolate church” Schliesee and have stone,- and Bronze Age cultures through. At the 7. June 1271 Rambow is the first time from the Inclusion in the parish Schwinkendorf to Domherrenhagen documented. Prince Nicholas again confirmed its award of the goods at the 5.12.1273.

With Ulrich I. created by Moltzan 1341 the line Grubenhagen. Ebert is Woltorp to Rostock 1376 in his will 3 Mark on a pilgrimage to St. Claus in Ulrichshusen from (Chapel St. Claus could be identical to the old church Pape Haeger)Beginning of the 15. Century, the name Domherrenhagen Papenhagen converted into.

Maltzahn or Maltzan is the name of a sex uradeligen from Mecklenburg and Western Pomerania, with the Bernhardus de Mulsan, Episcopal ratzeburgischer feudatories, in 1194 first documented and published with Ludolf Moltzan, Burgmann than in the years to Gadebusch 1256 to 1283 called, direct trunk line begins and whose genealogies are sometimes in my database.

Ulrich von Moltzan bequeathed to the 18.2.1442 the Convent of Dobbertin a field to the mill Rambower Becke. The date is also the 20.3.1442 called.

At the 14.2.1447 pledges made by Claus von Moltzan Schorssow its shares on Rambow 16 Years for 1000 Lubeck marrow to his brother-Arnd Hoge. At the 8.5.1458 is Papenhagen wüst.1458 the field after Mark Domherrenhagen Ulrichshusen Marx and Hagen (Marquadeshagen) divided. 1491 is Wedige I. listed as the owner of Moltzan of Rambow.

This is the 26.4.1512 his second wife Elisabeth von Alvensleben, including a jointure of Rambow, confirmed by the Dukes Henry and Albrecht of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. At the 5.4.1571 Ulrich died of Moltzan, his burial place remains unknown.

Lüdeke the Elder Moltzan to Penzlin enters his cousin Lüdeke II. Grubenhagen to its share of 3/4 Lubeck and Mark Burg Service 4 Farmers in, among other things from Rambow, It shows, Rambow that had to do with the inheritance Rothenmoor Schorssower. At the 25.8.1481 is Lüdeke II. mentioned last time. In 1491 I will Wedige. out of Moltzan as the owner of Rambow.

The church was destroyed Domherrenhagen possibly in the 30-year war, because in 1648 as shown ” Desert Church” was described.

According to the map of the Grand Ducal National Survey of 1756 Rambow is a farming village. Rambow has long been held Maltzanscher. Before the construction of the castle Ulrich Husener, has lived in von Maltzan Rambow.

1459 were 59 taxable adults counted (Keysersteuer) 1648 the previous number of farmers with 15, Kossaten of the five specified. After 30 years of war there are only three.

Wedige is his second wife Elisabeth von Alvensleben on 26.4.1512 Rambow as a jointure, this is confirmed by the Dukes Henry and Albrecht of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. Im April 1526 Elizabeth gets her son and stepsons in dispute over her jointure, and the brothers Liidecke, Christoffer, Dietrich and Chrysostom ask why the 10.11.1526 the Registrar of Kaspar Schöneich, resolve the errors with their mother.

But the controversy continues. 1532 asks Elizabeth once again, the Dukes of Grubenhagen, them in the use and at the jointure 18.7. the same year adopted by the emperor in Regensburg to the Dukes a mandate, to give the woman her rights. Elizabeth died between the 6.9.1538 and 13.3.1542

As a builder of Ulrichshusen (1551) applies Ulrich von Maltzan, lives because of a feud with the line in Schorssower Rambow. The castle was built entirely of brick. Ulrich von Maltzan died on 5.4.1571, His burial place is unknown. Dietrich von Maltzan, church policy advisor adviser Duke of Mecklenburg during the Reformation on 3.1.1600 buried in the crypt of the Church.

At the 19.2.1619 a Mutschein on the paternal estates of those issued by Maltzahn and the 12.4.1622 Joachim von Maltzahn is attested as Mecklenburg captain of Wittenberg as erbsessen on Ulrichshusen.

Fritz of the mountain has very Grubenhagen Lehnsberechigter as creditors of the Moltzanschen 1623 to be taken and passed it, after the 4.3.1624 died the Ulrichshusen Moltzahn was under certain conditions. It was followed by a division of an estate with respect to pit and Joachim Hagen won, among other Ulrichshusen.

In the same year, the castle burned and partially renewed by Ludolf Moltzahn it in 1626. Between 1621-1631 the church in Rambow extended by a foundation of Ludolf von Berend Moltzan. His legacy, Joachim of the estate must Moltzan Ulrichshusen in 1649 for 19.000 Dollars on 30 Years mortgage.

Unit sales by the pledge Well Ulrichshusen to the Swedish colonel Dideriksson Ruth. 1688 sold by Dietrich Gustav Schuckmann as guardian of the estate children Arnim Ulrichshusen for 10.000 Dollars to Baron Johann Heinrich von Erlenkamp.

1689 Sagel said a farmer from out of court, Vollrath Levin that I. von Maltzahn of red mud in Dahmen a witch has to be burned and her husband had hanged himself, in Rothenmoor einscharren had hanged.

In 1703 Rambow in the water Müller Lucas Wolgast and called a clerk, live it now 76 Persons in Rambow. 1712 complains of Erlenkamp, that he could barely exist on the property, since the field was very overgrown with wood, to feed a tenant. At the 19.10.1716 Levin is Joachim II. Moltzan of Levin, the son of Joachim and born on 13.4.1719 followed by son, Johann Friedrich Lothar. Sirbt Christian Friedric Moltzan of the last scion of Ulrich Husener 1722 Joachim and Levin expected, among other things on the estate Ulrichshusen 26.11.1722

Joachim Levin concludes with the Chamber of Baron Ferdinand von Ernst Erlenkamp on 12.9.1740 From a comparison, that Ulrichshusen with participles Marx Hagen and Rambow and a proportion of Moltzow for 34.000 Credits will be assigned. At the 15.10.1741 there is a new comparison: the estate Ulrichshusen remains for life of the sisters and the heirs receive Erlenkamp after his death 30.000 Speeches. Trinity 1746 Johann Friedrich von Lothar receives Moltzan heir Rothenmoor with Dahmen and Reluitionsrecht to Ulrichshusen and Rambow

At the 17.3.1750 is the son of Adolf Lüdeke Vollrath Levin II. born, now live in Rambow 131 People. Vollrath Levin II., Brother of Johann Friedrich von Lothar Moltzan Rothenmoor leads to 1755 of the Reluition Ulrichshusen in the ways, Lord of the manor Schuckmann leased from the heirs of Erlenkampischen 5 Years. Johann Lothar Friedrich von Moltzan +31.12.1756 occurs earlier in the lease. In the same year, a geometrical plan of the aristocratic manor Ulrichshusen with the village of Rambow Johann Christian Hoffner created.

Vollrath Levin II., Owners of pit Hagen takes on 22.9.1757 the parish lands of Rambow for a lease of 163 Crowns annually (Payment 2/3 in bar, Rest in Naturalien) At 1760 burns down the whole village and the mill Rambow Rothenmoor. A Erlenkamp Sches Fideikommissgeld, that is to Ulrichshusen, is 1761 assigned to a camp of men, and after the death of Miss Anna Ernestina of Erlenkamp 1762 Vollrath is Levin II. Moltzan of real owners of Ulrichshusen. The brothers of Langermann agree with Levin II. at the 8.9.1768, that 26.666 2/3 Coins in half 1769 and the balance is paid in installments. Vollrath Levin II. died on 29.12.1775 and at 19.4.1776 marries Margaret of Lüdike Adolf von Bulow Moltzahn. Rambow is held by the state marshal Lüdike. As if that was not enough, attracts the cattle disease 1778 the country, Rambow is also affected.

Then everything back to the family von Maltzan. The line of Moltzower Maltzan leaves after 1870 inspector with the courtyard house, Cowshed, Barn, Stable with servant apartment, and a school, a reaper barracks, build two houses for laborers.

The Rectory, Miller's house, The bakery and another building were already. In Rambow, there is a beautiful old mill and a horse-drawn tram. The parsonage was approximately. 1785 built.

The Regina Frederica von Maltzahn Hermione * after 1796, died after 1829 and daughter of Ludwig Dietrich Joachim Ernst von Maltzahn *11.10.1772 Brigitta and Juliane Egener, married a saddler of Rambow Damgarten. Her father was a police officer at the city council in Stralsund.

Those: History of sex von Maltzan and Maltzahn, Author: Dr. Berthold Schmidt, Publication: 4 Volumes, Schleiz 1907, 1913, 1920, 1926

A guardian Cord Jaspar von Maltzahn lodged on 6.9.1804 one because of the goods Lehneid Grubenhagen, Rothenmoor, Ulrichshusen and Moltzow from. At the 27.11.1783 created a Mutzettel.

Cord Jasper, Ferdinand takes over at 3.7.1804 the inherited goods passing through the Lehnseides. He is on in a duel 1.12.1815 shot. The fief falls on the line in Maltzansche Penzlin.

Is in full council on peace 9.11.1822 Kavelung the pit Hagen possessions:

1. Lot: Ferdinand Penzlin, Vollrathsruhe with Hallalit, Steinhagen, Church yard and Grubenhagen
2. Lot: Four sons, Karl Gustav II. from the home Teschow, Castle Grubenhagen with small Lukow, Krebssee Borg and Holt
3. Lot: Four sons of Christoph Friedrich Gustav made by Cummerow, Ivenack and two sons of Augustus from the recent home Sarov
4. Lot: Frederick on Pekkatel, Moltzow of Rambow and Ilkensee
5. Lot: Frederick on Pekkatel, Rothenmoor Dahmen and with Sagel
6. Lot: Count Alexander von Maltzan on Militsch, Ulrichshusen with Marx and Hagen Lupendorf

Kirche in Rambow (Müritzkreis)The existence of Rambow is the first time with the church 11.6.1648 occupied, visitation by the protocol:

“she's a mediocre church, To. 1621 by Berendt Ludolf Moltzan rebuilt, roof covered with stone and in good condition. In this church bell three, it belongs to one and therefore has to Schorssow contending with the pastor to the patronage Bernd Bulow-Ludolf Moltzan had much, and is dießhalb Ao. 1635 ein Endurteil publiciret. The rest Kirchenornat Meßgewandt and is gone.”

At the 11.3.1685 My pastor will corner of Rambow as a confessor brought to Grubenhagen. 1751 Frederick Henry is pastor Hakern, the clerk called Jonas Rümker. To live at this time 131 Persons in Rambow.

1822 is of Rambow Ulrichshusen separated and sent to Moltzow and in 1889 is the construction of barracks Reapers (No house now. 11 and 12) The population is 1938 96 People. At the 15.8.1945 live here 201 People. 1996 is celebrated, Rambow ist 725 Years old! Download the document history:

Link to Wendisch Rambow

Myths and legends

At that sad dull time of the witch hunts and witch burnings was also a subordinate of Mr. Ulrich Husener Castle, an old man working with dull eyes and gray hair, maliciously minded him of a hostile, godless shepherd accused of witchcraft.

Immediately the old man has been made of the process and, despite his supplications and holiest Beteuerns, that he was slandered and only unschldig, the terrible fire of death sentenced. The next morning led to the unfortunate to a Hagen-facing hill, according to Marx. There he was tied to a stake and piled high around him on fire. However, before the old man under the most horrible tortures his spirit breathed, he pleaded loudly to God: “He may, as a sign of his innocence, only a miracle can”. And the Almighty heard his supplication.

When the pyre and burned the body was directed to ashes, because suddenly shot to the fire place giving us wonderful, tall tree out. Such a thing had never seen a human eye. The tree had no leaves yet he bore fruit. His scrawny branches stretched warning to the blue sky, when they demanded reparation from the top down for the innocent victims. And all the people had streamed in the, that terrible spectacle to see with, horrified if this miracle of God. They now saw with horror the innocence of the old man's labor.

The godless shepherd, his malicious slander and murder but was found the next morning with a terribly distorted features, and runaway tongue lying dead on the field. The devil had hounded him to death at night and it thus, he deserved it, directed.

Long, For many years thereafter, to the latest newspaper was still the beautiful tree, with his bare, ghostly-looking twigs and branches in the air. Its wood is said to be so hard initially, that even the sharpest ax could not penetrate into. The people called him the only general Witch Tree.


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