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Sources and presentations on the history of West Prussia


History of Gdańsk arbitrariness – Simson, Paul (Download)
Studies on West Prussian materials History. 3, History of Stutthof – Muhl, John Adolf (Download)
The story Koshnavia : Their population in 1772 and end 1919 – Rink, Joseph (Download)
Criminal law in the city of Danzig to the Carolina Association of Danzig with the Prussian monarchy (1532-1793) – Meye, Albrecht (Download)
The Basic Book of the City Dirschau – Elizabeth Kloss (Download)
Walther, Rolf: The Danzig citizenship in 18. Century background and employment, Danzig 1938
Löschin, Gotthilf: Mayor, Councilors and aldermen of the Free State of Danzig and the patrician families they belonged, Danzig 1868