The dollhouse of Princess Augusta Dorothea of ​​Schwarzburg-Arnstadt

Married Auguste Dorothea of ​​Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel on 7. August 1684 Wolfenbüttel Count Anton Günther II. by Black-Sondershausen. This was 1697 Imperial Prince and lived in Arnstadt.

Auguste Dorothea survived by her husband 35 Years. Her long widowhood she spent, on the now-defunct Augustenburg in Arnstadt with her ladies the famous doll cabinet “My pleasure” to create. This is now shown in Arnstadt New Palace.

At the beginning of 18. Century took the Princess Augusta Dorothea of ​​Schwarzburg-Arnstadt (1666-1751) the decision, the hustle and bustle of their small residential town with everything that belonged, replicate in a number of doll houses. The suggestion that probably gave the numerous Dutch and German doll houses of 17. Century. When the work was completed, presented these dolls city, the name of the “Mon Plaisir” was, everything was in the shadows created by then what in this area. In 26 Houses with 84 Parlors spend 411 Dolls her quiet life…


Coarser, Karl: The dollhouse of Princess Augusta Dorothea of ​​Schwarzburg-Arnstadt, Königstein & Leipzig: Publishing the Iron Hammer, 1934

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