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Editor of club magazine Greifswald division of the Society for History of Pomerania and Altherthumskunde ; Font-Pomeranian Association of Rügisch division of the Society for Pomeranian and Gechichte Altertthumskunde in Stralsund and Greifswald, Co-creators of these works was Theodor Pyl (1826-1904)

The following families are included below: in. Bugenhagen and Schmalensee, Smiterlow, Below, Behr, Wakenitz and family v. Lübeck from Greifswald, in Bd. 3 The Family Scholars Epple mountain. In Bd. 4 and 5 the genealogies of the Council members of Greifswald 1250-1647 treated.

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Genealogies and family foundations or Pomeranian, particularly knightly families First collection by Dr. Carl Gesterding, Berlin 1842. Darin enthalten sind die Genealogien der Familien von Behr, of Owstien, by Blixen, by Braun, of Hartmannsdorf, of Buggenhagen, Schmalensee's, von Gloeden, of Wolffradt, of Küssow.

Parish registers and lists of Pomeranian knighthood : from the XIV to the XIX century in, Klempin, Robert (1816-1874) and scratch, Gustav (1829-1864) Published in Berlin 1863

Pomeranian genealogies. Bd.2 H.1-2
Pomeranian genealogies. Bd.3
Pomeranian genealogies. Bd.4
Pomeranian genealogies. Bd.5


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