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The family of Haugwitz as the owner of Pisch Kowitz and Coritau


Description Pisch Kowitz:

The village in old documents Piszkowice, is close to the river Steinau bald and has long been divided into Upper and Lower Pisch Kowitz Pisch Kowitz. The Vorwerk Oberpischkau, in old letters known as the court, is an ancient ancestral home of the family descended from Bohemia which Haugwitz. The first known owner of this estate was Otto von Haugwitz; This also had the Niederhof.

In 1313 Thomas was Haugwitz the owner of the goods. His wife was named Agnes. In 1399 is Rüdiger von Haugwitz named as owner. He married vone Knobelsdorff. In the documents of the Year 1472 we see Heinrich von Haugwitz with his wife, born of a network. This went on for centuries: 1660 Wenzel Heinrich von Haugwitz, 1693 His son Maximilian and Ferdinand von Haugwitz 1715 his eldest son Franz Anton von Haugwitz.

The Good Low Pisch Kowitz was united in ancient times with upper Pisch Kowitz and also owned by the family of Haugwitz. After the death of Hans von Haugwitz 1538 were distributed among the possessions of his three sons. Lower Pisch Kowitz inherited Georg von Haugwitz. Since he no male offspring 1603 died, Niedediedhkowitz inherited his daughter Magdalena, which 1605 married to Frederick Henry of Stillfried on Walditz, the 1618 died.

1629 Magdalena sold, widowed Stillfried, Well the low Pisch Kowitz said Glatzer office secretary Adam Christian of Ampassek, it 1670 the imperial Woodruff John Albin Domnisch sold. After his death 1673 his daughter Johanna Rosalia sole heir. She married 1680 To Wolfgang Dietrich von Haugwitz Hausdorf, on it after her death 1709 passed. He sold the estate Lower Pisch Kowitz 1714 his cousin Franz Anton von Haugwitz, which already belonged to the estate Upper Pisch Kowitz.

Description Coritau:

About the previous owners of the manor Coritau Kögler gives in his “News from the dominions Pisch Kowitz and Coritau” following notifications: 1291 belonged Coritau the chamber. 1577 It was the Emperor Rudolf II. among other goods sold to defray the expenses of the war against the Turks to Friedrich von Falkenhayn and small churches.

1612-1617 whose son was Coritau Seyfried, of it to his sister Margaret of Rübisch left, because he had no heir. The latter married 1629 for the second time with Adam by Postolsky. When she 1632 died without issue, ensued a long succession dispute and Coritau came Sequetration. 1647 the estate was acquired by the Imperial Colonel Ferdinand von Fitsch, of it and made it to the primogeniture 1652 his son Otto Heinrich left. This, however, and his son Ferdinand sold because of their debts 1685 possession of the Imperial Appellationsrat Johann Esaias of Hartig, Erbherrn on Rückers + 1709

1711 was his third son Sonton Freiherr von Hartig owners Coritau. He was elevated to the Grafensdtand and died 1753. Succeeded by his son Casimir Count Hartig. 1761 sold it to the Commerce Coritau Leopold Gnedel on Rathen. After his death, it divested its heirs 1787 Second Secretary at the Count Anton von Haugwitz.

After the Wars, it went through purchase at the city elders Franz von Maubeuge, it from the 1856 Carl Graf Pilati made by Schlegel (the father of the last owner) commercially acquired. The old castle has been destroyed three times by fire: 1585 by lightning, 1622 and at 17.9.1649. The present castle was 1711 built by Anton von Hartig.


Joseph Koegler's historic news of the dominions Pisch Kowitz and Coritau in the county of Glatz : from contributing to the German area studies after the handwriting of the author year 1795, Breslau: Aderhold, 1869

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