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Der Vater of Philosophen Hans Leisegang was approximately from 1886 Pastor at Blankenburg in the catchment area of ​​the Unstrut, between Mulhouse and Tennstedt. In order to escape the oppressive conditions there, advertises itself to other parishes Otto Leisegang, obtained in 25 Applications only once a request for a guest sermon, but which will be taken back again as you realize, that he is a pastor in the small Blankenburg and not in the larger Saalfeld.

So he is only one way out: the military service. Its application to the Prussian Field Probst has success, He is priest and religion teacher at the Royal Military Orphanage at Castle Pretzsch, above Wittenberg. Here lived the family of 1890-1896.

In October 1896 Provost appoints him to the field division chaplain in Colmar in Alsace, after which 1871 belonged to the German Empire. At the 1.6.1899 Otto is Leisegang appointed pastor cadet school. The family has to move to Diez on the Lahn. Already in October 1902 He was appointed divisional chaplain of the garrison at Neisse (Silesia) and in June 1906 the family moved to Strasbourg.


Father Otto Liesegang want to go back into the civil service and applies for a superintendent position, he finally a.d Prettin. Receives the same as the mid-forties. The hope, that his wife better go here, because it is their home, unfortunately not been fulfilled – sie stirbt am 31.8.1909 in Straßburg. Sie hatte jahrelang an Multipler Sklerose gelitten. The family has now relocated to its own Prettin.

Otto Leisegang, Now retired superintendent dies early 1945 in a bomb attack in Wiesbaden. Are known 4 Otto leaves the children Liesegang, including the famous philosopher Hans Leisegang, Founder of the philosophy at the Free University of Berlin. Genealogy:


Hans Leisegang, 1890 born in Blankenburg, was a student of Husserl and Dilthey.

First, with religious and philosophical works and studies emerged the Hellenistic thinking – His book on Gnosticism is still considered a standard work, He turned in the 20s to the analysis of forms of thought, on which he based his books on Luther, Goethe, Lessing, Dante u. a. submitted. 1930 He was succeeded by Max Wundt in Jena.

1914 Hans married the pastor's daughter Erna Leisegang Mehlhose and 1916 son Siegfried is born, it follows 1922 Daughter Gertrud (called spin)

A snide remark about Hitler in the transmission of funeral of Hindenburg on the Jena market led 1934 to a sentence of six months in prison. Deprived of his office, He studied physics and then worked in industry. Only at 1.12.1945 He was reinstated in his Professorensamt.

Lecture halls full of class but testified, but his confession: “The University may not, under any circumstances, a seminary or school official”, put missing class consciousness of the day: In October 1948 He was removed from the resistance from colleagues and students of the University.

Until his death in 1951 Leisegang taught at the Free University Berlin. At this point I must point to the work of Eckhardt Mesch, as a former student of Hans Leisegang and now traced the life of his biographer as professor sensitively and intensely has. Hans Leisegang belongs forever to the very great philosophers of the world.

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