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Pforzheim's past and his connection to Johannes Reuchlin

From the contents: Village Market and Pforzheim, the creation of the new city, History from the Hirsau, the municipal law of 1486, the families of the city, Mayor and Council, Prohibition of the guilds, the shaft Schiffer, the cloth-making and the Zeugmacherei, and everything about the goldsmith. Education states: The Latin School, Heynlin of stone, Reuchlin and his relations to Pforzheim, the city after the 30 Years War, Huguenot colonies, the watches and jewelery factory, Schulmeister order to 1500.



Gotheim, Eberhard: From the series State- and social science research 9.3, published in Leipzig: Duncker & Humblot 1889 (Download)
Gehres, Siegmund Friedrich: Reuchlin's life and the memoirs of his native city, Karlsruhe: David Raphael Marx, 1815 (Download)

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