Pastor Liesegang in Leimbach

Leimbach, an ancient kingdom village is one of the oldest settlements of our country. In the devastated village Grumbach is an ancient Dingstätte have been. As Reich village had a year to the imperial currency in Nordhausen 1 1/2 To deliver shock oats.

950 in Leimbach Wendish families should be settled. Of 1394-1700 Leimbach belonged to the Official herring and then came through border adjustments to Hannover (Stolberg) 1758 had the place to the French 1111 Taler pay. Leimbach had share in the wind wood houses. Those: Home book of the county Hohnstein in circles Ilfeld, by William Vahlbruch, 1927

LeimbachDen Namen erhielt die Kirche nach dem heiligen Martinius. Es ist nicht ganz klar, when it was built, because until 1717 they belonged to a branch Bielen. The Bielener citizens had in their church already years 1294 and also a pastor. To assume, however,, that the church was built after the 30-year war. At the 5.12.1717 , the municipality received the first own minister, This was none other than the above Johann Christoph Liesegang, the above in his community 30 Years working and 1754 was forced to retire. He was born 1685 Rüdigsdorf and died in the 11.10.1755, 70year.

For the registration of the newly established parish he has unfortunately done nothing, as he bey delineation one Copulationsfalles 1723 on the 20th of April, in the church register, where it does not belong, wrote on the edge: :”The hoc (On this day) is hiesig rectory been directed” Those: Church, Parish- and school-Chronicle v. J.L.G. Leopold

Count Christoph Friedrich von Stolberg was, who constructed at his own expense the associated parsonage with a farm building, That was in 1723. Successor of Johann Christoph Liesegang was Pastor Guenther Leopold.

1755 – Repairs inside the church, 1790 – Umbau of Gotteshauses, the nave was to 30 Foot extended, the wooden floor had to be removed because of sponge and replaced with fire bricks, these are still available. 1800 – The steeple shows a crack and must be completely removed. An old stone, the one discovered (with a dainty lying Dachshund) still decorates a piece of church wall, near the tower. 1852 – the organ builder pommel Bleicherode over to a new magnificent organ. Inauguration is on 12.12. 1852

In office after Johann Christoph Liesegang:

1754 – 1800 Johann Michael Guenther Leopold
1800 – 1822 Justus Ludwig Günther Leopold
1823 – 1841 Kaspar Heinrich Meyer Schin
1842 – 1856 Martin August Sunderhoff
1857 – 1876 Ernst Heinrich Christian Kermann
1876 – 1900 Karl Friedrich Louis Alwin Ködderitz
1901 – 1911 Friedrich Karl Emil Will Erbach
1911 – 1913 Will John Brook
1914 – 1936 Waldemar Oskar Huebener, Pastor Kuhlkatz from Urbach as representation
1937 – Harry Türk
1938 – 1951 Pastor Münzenberg
1952 – Pastor Verges from Urbach
1953 – 1959 Pastor Bodag, Representation Pastor Wenzel from Steigerthal
1960 – 1977 Pastor Herbst, then moved to Osterode.
1977 – 1988 Pastor Becker
1989 – 1990 Pastor Nestler
1990 – Pastor Cube
1991 – 1995 Pastor Reidemeister
1995 – 1999 Pastorin Johanetta Reuss
since 1999 Thomas Ahlhelm