Personal data of the teachers of Prussia named Rambow and Liesegang


The database of Library for Research on Educational History of the German Institute for International Educational Research currently contains about. 190.000 Evidence of teachers and teachers from three different traditions of Prussia:

The elementary school teacher index begins with the birth year 1856 for the districts of Berlin and Opole, for from Königsberg 1860, from Liegnitz for 1861, from Wroclaw 1862, from Potsdam 1866, off for Gumbinnen 1867 and for other counties 1870. In the collection of personnel records are the teachers of higher schools of Prussia united. The oldest personal information sheet dated with the year of birth 1799.

The focus of the tradition is to switch between the birth years 1850 to 1890. The register of teachers in secondary schools in Prussia contains the data recorded in the personnel records names, the names of assessors and assessors, visited a teacher seminars and also stored tests, but are not entered into the teaching service. It also contains occasional references to teachers, which are released during the Nazi period and for no personal information sheet is no longer present.

Liesegang and Rambow in the register:

Paul Gustav David Liesegang *23.10.1890
Willy Ernst Fritz Liesegang *8.5.1892
Robert William Albert Liesegang *2.10.1902
Albert Karl August Liesegang *4.2.1882
Walter Liesegang *16.2.1900
Helmuth Liesegang * 29.10.1827 in Perleberg
Hildegard Rambow *16.2.1894
Johann Georg Rambeau * 14.8.1848
Fritz Rambow *12.7.1887
Betty Rambow *7.8.1877







This sheet is not yet fully recognized. Both the elementary school teacher index and the personnel records and the register of teachers in secondary schools were to 1945 discontinued.

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